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The main ingredient in Valif Oral Jelly 20 mg is vardenafil, which is an effective PDE5 inhibitor that was released to the market in 2003 under the brand name Levitra. In October 2018, the fifteen-year patent for this medication ran out and this set the stage for generic manufacturers to produce and sell this medication. As a result, the price has decreased substantially and Valif Jelly is one of the most popular generic versions of this medication that is now available at cost-effective prices.

These jellies were developed especially for men who have difficulties swallowing hard tablets. However, the ease of use of this product has made it well liked among most men in general. This medication is required by regulations that govern the generic industry to be produced in world-class establishments. With the convenience of e-commerce, you can now buy Valif Oral Jelly from any location and the medication will be delivered efficiently.


These jellies are used to treat a common male sexual health condition known as erectile dysfunction, or ED. This condition affects about half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 and the prevalence generally increases with age. It involves an inability to achieve or maintain an erection that is suitable for sex and this can lead to stress, low self-esteem and a reduced overall quality of sexual life for both patients and their partners. Physical erectile dysfunction symptoms include:

  • An ability to get an erection occasionally, but not in all sexual situations
  • Getting an erection, but not being able to maintain it long enough for successful intercourse
  • A complete inability to attain an erection on all sexual occasions

For an erection to happen there needs to be a sufficient amount of blood flowing into the penis. Most ED cases are the result of abnormalities of blood vessels that prevent blood from being able to flow smoothly into the penile region. This can be caused by various factors like underlying health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Sometimes, ED can also be due to psychological issues like stress and anxiety, which tend to activate hormones that cause erection difficulties. In addition, lifestyle choices like poor diet, lack of exercise, being overweight and cigarette smoking can lead to impaired blood flow, resulting in ED. Clinical research has, however, shown that ED can be reversed by adopting healthy lifestyle choices. You can also order Valif Oral Jelly at the lowest prices, to regain healthy erectile function.


During sexual stimulation, a chemical called nitric oxide is released into the spongy erectile tissue of the penis. Thereafter, nitric oxide works with an enzyme known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) to relax smooth muscle tissue in the blood vessels of the penis. As a result, the two spongy rods that span the length of the penis fill with blood, causing an erection to happen.

Another enzyme known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) reduces levels of cGMP. This prevents the smooth muscle tissue in the blood vessels of the penis from being able to relax properly and become wider. This means the penis cannot become fill with blood, thereby preventing a strong erection. Valif Oral Jelly blocks PDE5 so cGMP levels can remain high and a firm erection can be maintained, provided there is sexual stimulation.


The usual Valif Oral Jelly dosage is one sachet 25 to 60 minutes before anticipated sexual activity. These jellies are absorbed faster than erectile dysfunction tablets so they start working in less time. The gel-like substance can be taken directly from the sachet or with a spoon. Although the vardenafil dosage can be taken with or without food, taking it with a large or fatty meal can delay the onset of effects. Therefore, it is advisable to take this medication on an empty stomach or with a light meal.

This erectile dysfunction treatment can lower blood pressure, and taking it with alcohol can cause a further reduction in blood pressure. For this reason, alcohol should be avoided or limited during treatment. In addition, grapefruit juice should be avoided as it can change the absorption of this medication for up to 24 hours. Grapefruit juice can also prevent the breakdown of the medication, thereby increasing the chance of side effects.


Although the durational efficacy of this medication may vary from one person to another, the average duration of effect is 4 to 6 hours. After administration, Valif Jelly usually has the following pharmacokinetics in the body:

  • Concentration levels are highest from 30-120 minutes after taking a dose.
  • The maximum duration of effect is 10-12 hours, however, Valif Oral Jelly 20 mg will not last this long for everyone.
  • This medication has a half-life of slightly more than 4 hours so it takes this amount of time for half the medication to be removed from the body.

With a focus on getting the most out of treatment, it is important to take this medication at the right time. If you take it too close to the time you intend to initiate sexual activity, the medication may not have taken full effect. For this reason, it is advisable to give this medication about 25 minutes to take effect. Most people who take Valif Jelly generally find this treatment stays effective for long enough to engage in sexual activity at a natural time.


In general, PDE5 inhibitors like Valif Oral Jelly 20 mg are highly unlikely to cause serious side effects. In fact, less than 1% of people who use this medication experience vardenafil side effects that can be considered troublesome. The most common side effect that slightly more than 1 in 10 people may experience is headache. Other common side effects include flushing, indigestion and nasal congestion.

Coping with a headache from this PDE5 inhibitor can be frustrating as it could affect your overall sexual experience. Headaches tend to happen because this medication causes blood vessels to open and this can induce blood flow changes in various parts of the body. Ultimately, changes in blood flow can contribute to mild or moderate headaches. The following table details a number of ways you can prevent or cope with headaches if you experience this side effect:

Method Overview
Have a light meal In general, ED medications work well when they are taken without a meal, as food can reduce the absorption rate but hunger alone can cause a headache. Therefore, taking this medication with a light snack can help prevent a headache and it will not have a significant effect on absorption and this medication.
Use a lower dose Some people respond well to a lower dose of 10 mg (half a Valif Jelly sachet) and lower doses are generally associated with a reduced likelihood of headaches.
Keep well hydrated The active ingredient in these jellies is a mild diuretic, which can cause the body to remove more water, resulting in dehydration. This can lead to headaches so make sure you drink more water than usual to counteract dehydration.
Use a standard painkiller PDE5 inhibitors like Valif Oral Jelly do not interact with pain relievers

Is Valif Oral Jelly Safe for Everyone?

For the majority of people, it is safe to buy Valif Oral Jelly and use this medication as needed. However, there are certain groups of people that are advised to avoid the use of this medication as it may be unsafe. Do not take this treatment if you have:

  • a severe heart or liver condition
  • severe problems with kidney function
  • hypotension (low blood pressure)
  • retinitis pigmentosa

There are potential interactions with other medications that can make Levitra and generic versions of this medicine unsafe for some people. The most important medications to avoid are nitrates like glyceryl nitrate, isosorbide dinitrate and isosorbide mononitrate. Taking these medications concurrently with Valif Jellies can lead to a sudden decrease in blood pressure. It may also be unsafe to take these jellies with the following:

  • Alpha blockers such as doxazocin and teracozin which are used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and high blood pressure.
  • Medications used to treat heart arrhythmias such as quinidine.
  • Riociguat which is a medication that is used to treat pulmonary hypertension.
  • Anti-fungal medicines like itraconazole and ketoconazole, particularly in patients over the age of 75 years.

Benefits of Valif Oral Jellies

Valif Oral Jelly 20 mg is generally considered to be one of the most potent ED treatments available. In fact, its potency is about 10-fold greater than Viagra. Therefore, a lower dose is needed to enhance erectile function and this potentially reduces the likelihood of side effects. The jellies come in different flavours that are easy to swallow, making them suitable for men who struggle to swallow hard tablets.

A randomised controlled trial took place to assess the tolerability and efficacy of the main ingredient in Valif Jelly in the treatment of ED. The men in the trial had not yet been treated with a PDE5 inhibitor and the assessment of the medication by their female partners was also included in the research. In the trial, 260 men with ED randomly received either vardenafil or inactive placebo tablets so the difference in therapeutic effects could be compared.

The main measures of determining outcomes included a general assessment question and questions 2 and 3 of the Sexual Encounter Profile (SEP) questionnaire. This questionnaire contains five items and is completed by patients after each attempt at sexual intercourse. Question 2 asks patients if they were able to successfully initiate penetration and question 3 determines whether the men were able to successfully complete intercourse. The following results were recorded:

  • For question 2 of the SEP questionnaire, 78% of vardenafil-treated patients answered 'yes' compared with only 49% for patients treated with inactive placebo pills.
  • For question 3 of the SEP questionnaire, 85% of vardenafil- treated patients answered 'yes' compared with only 65% for placebo.

The scores for the general questionnaire were also significantly higher for the patients treated with the active ingredient in Valif Oral Jelly (83%) compared with placebo (36%). With regard to the female partner's assessments, scores were also remarkably higher than the placebo group. The study found that this PDE5 inhibitor improved sexual function among men to the extent that both patients and their partners agreed on considerable satisfaction with treatment.

Reviews of Valif Jellies

At leading websites, the active ingredient in Valif Oral Jelly has an average rating of 8 out of 10. This rating reveals the high efficacy rate of this medication in the treatment of ED. Most men claim this medication has helped restore their sex lives and sexual confidence, with little or no side effects.

In general, Valif Oral Jelly reviews are very positive as this medication significantly improves a man's ability to get and maintain an erection during sexual activity - as noted in 80% and more cases according to various review platforms.

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