Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction, commonly known as FSD, is a condition that plagues approximately 41% of women worldwide. The condition has a profound effect on a women's ability to find satisfaction in sexual intercourse and often leaves them feeling unfulfilled, restless and frustrated. Women with the condition respond abnormally to the sexual response cycle.

FSD is divided into four subcategories:

  • Sexual desire/interest disorder - This type of FSD is characterised by an individuals lack of sexual desire or interest.
  • Sexual arousal disorder - Patients with this disorder have arousal difficulties that include achieving and maintaining arousal.
  • Orgasmic disorder - This is when women experience a total absence of an orgasm or have difficulty achieving an orgasm. It also includes decreased orgasm intensity despite suitable arousal.
  • Sexual pain disorder - As the name suggests, this disorder causes women to feel varied intensities of pain following vaginal contact during intercourse or sexual stimulation.

These disorders often feed off each other, worsening FSD as a whole. Although many women may experience one or two of the symptoms associated with the disorders mentioned above, it does not mean they have FSD. An FSD diagnosis is only considered if the symptoms experienced are causing excessive distress to a women's mental and physical health.


FSD's Effect On The Sexual Response Cycle

Experts describe normal sexual experiences as a complex interplay between the mental and physical psychic. The physical component includes nervous, circulatory and endocrine system actions, while the mental component involves emotions, experiences, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. These components make up the four phases of the human sexual response cycle.

Below is a detailed look at the phases:




This refers to the desire to engage in sex


Arousal involves physical and mental mechanisms

  • Mental - Feelings and thoughts which facilitate excitement and arousal
  • Physical - The promotion of blood flow which causes swelling and lubrication.


This refers to climaxes which represent the peak of excitement. It involves muscular tension and contraction.


This phase is referred to as the after-effects of an orgasm. It involves satisfaction and muscular relaxation.

According to a study, FSD affects the phases mentioned above, making it impossible for women to respond normally to sexual intercourse. This is because FSD eliminates or delays sexual responses, causing patients to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally deluded, which leads to the occurrence of female sexual dysfunction symptoms.

Female sexual dysfunction symptoms include:

  • Inability to achieve or maintain an orgasm
  • Low production of vaginal lubrication before and during sexual intercourse
  • The inability to relax vaginal muscles to accommodate penetration
  • Lack of desire or interest in sex
  • Failure to become fully aroused
  • Unbearable pain during intercourse

Female Sexual Dysfunction Causes

In a world filled with disorders, dysfunctions and diseases, patients often overlook the causes of an ailment to focus solely on treatment. Although seeking treatment is vital, it is equally important to understand why these ailments occur.

When it comes to FSD, the causes fall into three broad categories, which are:

Hormonal causes -

The most common hormonal cause of FSD is menopause, as dwindling menstruation cycles affect a woman's desire for sex. It also alters physical stimulation responses, making it difficult for women to enjoy intercourse. The following menopause symptoms facilitate the development of FSD:

  • Reduced blood flow to the genitals and pelvic region can interfere with arousal responses and genital sensations.
  • The thinning of the vaginal walls, paired with a drastic loss of elasticity, causes discomfort during sexual intercourse. Vaginal dryness/lack of lubrication also contributes to the discomfort women feel.
  • Hormonal changes involving post-birth duties such as breastfeeding also plays an integral part in the cause of FSD.

Physical causes -

  • Medical ailments, such as diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, thyroid disorders, heart disease and nerve or nervous system disorders, can cause FSD.
  • The chronic or long term use of antihistamines, blood pressure, antidepressants, antiseizure and chemotherapy medicines can cause FSD. Excessive drug and alcohol use can be contributing factor as well.
  • Vaginal issues, including congenital structural disabilities, surgical scarring infections, STDs and more, can cause FSD.

Psychological causes -

  • Concerns about different life issues, such as pregnancy, STDs, and the expectation of an orgasm, can encourage the development of FSD.
  • Religious or social beliefs, cultural attitudes and norms.
  • A distorted self-image due to mental illness such as anxiety, stress, guilt or depression.
  • Excessive worry due to menopause, infertility, surgery, or other problems associated with a loss of sexuality or femininity.
  • Experiences of abuse or negative sexual encounters.
  • Relationship issues, including excessive conflicts, anger or lack of trust.

Viagra For Women With FSD

Female sexual dysfunction treatment includes several medical and non-medical options that target specific aspects of the disorder. This is because the underlying cause of FSD is usually multifactorial and difficult to pinpoint.

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Addyi, also known as flibanserin, is a non-hormonal, FDA-approved tablet used to treat low sexual desire in women. Women often choose to buy flibanserin over other treatment options, because it has a success rate with minimal adversity linked to its use.

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