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Sildenafil Citrate
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These tablets are oral therapies used to treat male sexual disorders such as ED. The pills were created in 1998 and succeeding years after treatments like penile injections and pumps were deemed invasive and dangerous. Most pills in this category are generics of popular branded sexual dysfunction treatments.

Due to their generic nature, many patients question the tablet's efficacy and safety. However, experts confirm that the pills were created using the same protocol, processes, and active ingredients found in their branded counterparts. This means identical efficacy, only cheaper in price and unique by name and packaging.

The most popular hard on tablets contain the active ingredient sildenafil, the same ingredient found in Viagra's unique composition. This active substance is very effective in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and produces results almost instantly.

This means that hard on tablets can be used by older men or men who have sensitive systems. These treatments come in various doses however most patients choose to use hard on tablets 100 mg because it has a higher potency level.


Erectile dysfunction symptoms are challenging to manage without treatment or medical intervention. According to professionals, the most effective solution to ED is hard on pills. These pills have the ability to induce an erection without disrupting other body processes, making them a safe option.

Unlike traditional ED treatments, these sex pills do not force the body into producing erections. Instead, it manipulates it into naturally forming one. This means that the body is not susceptible to stress, harm or damage.

Patients who buy hard on tablets will be able to use the treatment for the following:

  • Reinstate sexual abilities that were lost or hindered by ED
  • Induce erections that are adequate (rigid or hard enough) for satisfactory sexual intercourse
  • Sustain or maintain erections until ejaculation or orgasm is reached
  • Restore the ability to gain an erection easily after refractory periods have passed

According to trusted sources, these tablets also can treat other conditions such as mountain sickness, a condition caused by leaking blood vessels in the lungs that interfere with oxygen exchange. The tablet's ability to treat various conditions is a testament to its versatility. It solidifies its capabilities and helps patients gain confidence in its effects.


Medicinal treatments are often looked at with awe and amazement due to their sheer ability to completely disable illnesses. Although there is a wide range of medicines on the market today, sexual dysfunction treatments such as hard on pills seem to get the most attention.

Medical researchers believe that this is due to the mechanics behind the tablet's abilities and effects. Hard on pills belong to a class of medication called PDE5 inhibitors. PDE5 is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that regulates normal physiological processes such as muscle contraction and relaxation.

It is more famously known for subsiding or disabling erections at appropriate times. ED pills limit/inhibit this enzyme's function to rectify abnormal erectile activity-unwarranted termination of an erection. Once consumed, the tablet rapidly disintegrates into tiny molecules, which is absorbed by the gut.

The active compound in the treatment is then slowly released into the bloodstream, where the active ingredient is carried to affected areas in the body. The treatment promotes blood flow by widening blood vessels and relaxing penile muscles, which are stopping proper erection induction. By doing this, hard on pills support the erection process and rectifies abnormalities simultaneously.


Dosage guidelines are considered an essential part of treatment as it comprises of expert-recommended doses that are proven to work for patients who suffer from a particular condition. Patients are urged to follow dosage guidelines to ensure they get the results they desire safely and efficiently.

Dosage adherence is encouraged when taking any medicinal treatment. This includes erectile dysfunction tablets. Patients who buy hard on tablets will notice that the treatment comes in various strengths, the most common being 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.

The common practice when taking ED medicine is to start with a low dose and move up to a higher dose if needed. However, patients should use the recommended dose at least 7 times before concluding its ineffectiveness.

Below are recommended hard on tablets dosage guidelines:

  • Patients aged 18-65:
    -Experts often recommend that patients of this age start their treatment plan on a median dose which is 50 mg. The dose can be decreased to 25 mg if patients find the effects of the 50 mg strength too potent. Alternatively, hard on tablets 100 mg can be taken if the 50 mg strength proved to be ineffective.
  • Patients over the age of 65:
    -Elderly patients should take the lowest available dose, which in this case is a 25 mg sildenafil dosage (one 25 mg tablet).

-Doses can be increased, if necessary, by a single strength. This means that patients can go just one dose up to a maximum of 50 mg.

Patients are only permitted to take one dose in a 24-hour period. All ED tablet doses must be taken at least 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. The pill is best taken on an empty stomach however if a patient's lifestyle or schedule does not permit it, light meals are recommended.


After patients receive their ED diagnosis and treatment recommendation, they have many questions, the most common being, how long do the effects of this erectile dysfunction treatment last? The answer to this question differs depending on the treatment being used.

The famous Viagra pill and its generic counterparts have standard durational effect timeframes that firmly sit between 2-3 hours. In some instances, these effects can extend beyond the 3-hour mark into the 5-hour timeframe.

However, this extension of effects is not seen in every patient as it depends on the strength being taken, patient's metabolisms and other factors. According to professionals, this is one of the primary reasons why patients search for hard on tablets 100 mg. The medication lasts approximately 24 hours in the bloodstream, which means that its effects linger, producing erectile support long after the initial dose was consumed.


Patients who buy hard on tablets 100 mg often consider the tablet the ideal choice because it has a balanced safety and efficacy profile. The treatment has a plethora of benefits that come with its use. As with any medicinal treatment, these benefits come with the possibility of side effects.

Common sildenafil side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Back pain
  • Indigestion
  • Flushing of the face

The mentioned side effects are usually mild/tolerable and can be easily managed using home remedies. Although the duration of side effects differs from one patient to another, analysts confirm that the general duration lasts no longer than two weeks.


The invention of ED medication has changed the lives of millions around the world. It has helped people regain their sexual confidence and prowess in a completely non-invasive way. Despite the advancements in ED treatments and the extreme leap it took from penile injections to oral tablets, patients still question the treatment's safety.

According to experts, oral pills are one of the safest treatment options on the market as it is easy to ingest and digest. They also follow normal digestion processes, the gut extracts, absorbs and disperses adequate amounts of the compound into the system.

This makes it a safer option as topical and intravenous treatments are introduced straight into the bloodstream. This means there is no filter to its effects. Apart from the primary factors that make it a safe option, the efficacy and safety profile of ED tablets have also been extensively studied.

Studies show that the tablet is safe to use in long- and short-term treatment plans. Patients who have used it in these instances presented no adverse effects or safety issues. This means that men of all ages can safely use the pill. However, patients with contraindicating health issues or medication lists must practice caution when taking these pills.


Medicine benefits are helpful or positive effects that assist patients in managing and controlling disorders and disease. Although most benefits associated with treatments are intentional built-in features, there are some cases where the benefit was stumbled upon accidentally.

One such case is ED medication. This treatment was initially designed to tackle hypertension (high blood pressure) and angina pectoris (chest pain due to heart disease). Clinical trials conducted to test the pill's efficacy for heart issues showed that the compound was more effective at encouraging erections than treating angina.

This led to a breakthrough in ED medicine and patients opting to buy hard on tablets 100 mg instead of using other options. ED tablets were extensively studied over the subsequent years, which resulted in a growing benefit list.

Some of the benefits include:

  • The tablet allows greater blood flow to the penis, encouraging naturally formed erections.
  • It relaxes muscles which means tense or kinked muscle issues are solved indirectly.
  • The pill restores phases of the sexual response cycle that were interrupted, flawed or affected by ED.
  • It helps patients improve their relationships and sex lives.
  • The tablet assists patients in regaining their confidence and emotional capabilities.
  • Erections are achieved and maintained throughout the sexual duration.
  • Sexual durations are extended due to the maintenance of erections.
  • Intercourse is more satisfactory, which allows patients to reach orgasms quicker.


Medication reviews are valuable tools that allow patients to assess the suitability of a chosen treatment. They are also essential in primary health care because they elevate patient's knowledge and skill regarding administration and usage.

This, in turn, lowers side effect rates and improves the condition being treated much faster. This means that patients not only benefit from quicker recovery periods and minimal downtime but also save money.

Medicinal treatments such as ED pills are one of the most reviewed tablets in history as more and more people are keen to know how effective or safe the option is compared to traditional ED treatment methods.

Reviews confirm that sildenafil's presence in ED solutions plays a pivotal role in successful treatment outcomes. This is because the agent can tackle ED via symptom management rather than a practical approach like surgery.

Hard on tablets reviews show that the treatment has a XXX rating. Most patients Who used the tablet were impressed with the following aspects of the treatment:

  • The convenient size of the tablet facilitates discreet administration.
  • Ideal onset of action time frame that accommodates foreplay.
  • Induced erections that did not lose their rigidity during sex.
  • Effects do not lose their potency as time elapses.
  • Good safety profile that allowed long term use.
  • Side effects were mild and short-lived.
  • Can be taken with or without food.
  • Easy online availability

In addition, patients who buy hard on tablets find that they are cheaper than branded options and just as or even more effective as well.


The internet has completely engulfed the world with its presence. From online doctors consults to walking down virtual shopping isles for your medication, the capabilities of the internet are endless. Access to hard on tablets 100 mg is limited at physical pharmacies. Thus, patients find that online pharmacy options such as our website are far more convenient and advantageous.

We are a leading online pharmaceutical supplier that stocks authentic medicines at low prices, so all patients can gain much needed access. Our platform has support structures to help patients safely get their preferred treatment quickly and easily without waiting in queues or travelling. Our website is accessible 24 hours a day, so patients can buy their treatment at a time that suits them.

We have around the clock support available in the form of navigational prompts and customer service representatives that can be contacted via live chat, telephone or email. When you buy hard on tablets 100 mg from us, discreetness is a priority to us as is quality of products and efficiency of shipping.

We service our customers using patient confidentiality rules, ensuring no 3rd party sites have access to any personal details. Payments are made through secure channels, and orders are delivered to doorsteps in neutral packaging to ensure privacy terms are upheld.

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My wife and I got it for our new Year because we thought the name was funny, but my god. It worked much better than the overpriced alternative. 2022 will be a good year, considering how much cash Ill save.
Chris Tanner – Dec 07, 2021
Very good product
Charles M Smith – Oct 12, 2021
Be prepared, this product does exactly what it says. C M Smith
Scott Everett – Feb 19, 2021
Ordered this product for Valentines, received it 3 days after ordering and had to reserve it for them big day. absolutely surprised that it lasted much longer than I expected. I can say that this product is underrated and people need to discover this product as it is so good.

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