Kamagra 100mg

Kamagra 100mg

Sildenafil Citrate
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Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma

Kamagra 100mg tablets are the most popular Viagra alternative containing sildenafil citrate sold online on the internet.
Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma!

Many people prefer generic tablets as they can be up to 85% cheaper, in some cases. As the generic manufactures are not restricted to extensive marketing costs as well as laboratory testing expenses, they are able to provide these therapeutics at more affordable costs.

In a study from over a decade ago, the UK was considered one of the locations with the highest prescribing of generic medication (up to 83% of the adult community in England).

For the management of erectile dysfunction symptoms, men can order Kamagra 100 mg in the UK, without a prescription.

What is Sildenafil?

What are Kamagra 100 mg Used for?

Kamagra pills are a generic version of the renowned brand of erectile dysfunction tablets, Viagra, and you can easily buy Kamagra 100 mg through an internet pharmacy. This medication contains the same API as the aforementioned brand, which is sildenafil, and this active component can be used to treat:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED): sexual impotence is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions affecting the male population. It is thought that the prevalence of this condition increases with age, but there are also several healthy young men who are affected by the disorder. Kamagra 100 mg are a more cost-effective option for the management of ED symptoms. You can buy Kamagra 100 mg through an online pharmacy as these pills are manufactured in India. Our online platforms not only make them accessible but also provide a convenient method for purchasing your ED medications.
  • Hypertension: this therapeutic was originally intended to be a medication for the treatment of hypertension, but it was through clinical testing that the API of these tablets showed to be better at inducing erections, than at lowering blood pressure. Even so, the intent of this medicine still remains as it still has the potential to treat hypertension albeit not as well as it can treat impotence in men.

How does Kamagra 100 mg Work?

The mechanism of action of this medicine is not well-established, but scientists believe that this therapeutic functions by improving the flow of blood to the penis.

In men with ED, the flow of blood to the penis is impaired as a result of varying physical or psychological conditions, and this makes it difficult for these patients to achieve or maintain an erection. These ED pills work to solve this inability to achieve and keep an erection by affecting the activity of the PDE type 5 enzyme. The PDE5 type 5 enzyme is a substance found in the blood that breaks down cGMP (cGMP dilates blood vessels) but it is this activity that prevents the dilation of blood vessels by cGMP and enables improved blood flow.

Therefore, by blocking the activity of the PDE type 5 enzyme, the dilation of blood vessels by cGMP, can occur and the flow of blood, via the arteries, can be improved so as treat impotence.

It is the previously mentioned mode of action that classifies this erectile dysfunction treatment as PDE 5 inhibitors. These PDE5 inhibitor pills can be used by those who have cardiac disease and impotence as a result of anti-depressant use as well.

How does  Sildenafil Work?

Kamagra 100 mg Sildenafil Dosage

  • Kamagra 100 mg are the most frequently used dosage used by men for the treatment of sexual impotence. However, when initiating treatment, it is best to begin with a 50 mg dose and slowly increase this amount of therapeutic, based on your individualised effects of tolerability and treatment efficacy.
  • A Kamagra 100 mg dosage is typically administered by mouth. The medication is also available in other formulations, including chewable pills and effervescent tablets.
  • When using the tablet form of this medication, you should take the pill at least 60 minutes before you intend on having sex. You should swallow the tablet in whole form, without chewing or crushing the medication as this will release the API all at once and hinder the proper functioning of the therapeutic.
  • It is advised that you administer these pills on an empty stomach as consuming them with foods, especially those high in fat, can delay the therapeutic action of the medicine.
  • When using this treatment, you should note that the tablets only work when you are sexually stimulated. This is essentially for the medication to work as these pills do not function on their own. Moreover, this therapeutic is not intended to enhance sexual performance.

How Long does Kamagra 100 mg Last?

Similar to the brand, Viagra, Kamagra 100 mg have a duration of action of approximately four hours. This means that the effects of the sex pills make it easier for you to obtain an erection, for about four hours. During this time, when you are sexually aroused, you can achieve an erection, as well as maintain the erection, to complete sexual intercourse.

Older men are cautioned when using the higher doses of this tablet as they are more susceptible to the therapeutic action of the medication. Seniors can experience a longer duration of action as they can possibly have:

  • Impaired liver and/or kidney functions: as common with the aging process, hepatic and renal functioning can be impaired, which may affect the processing of the medicine in terms of its absorption, metabolism and excretion as well.
  • A greater chance of an underlying medical condition: senior men are generally prone to medical conditions, such as diabetes, which may cause them to take additional medication in conjunction with Kamagra pills. The concomitant use of these tablets can affect the processing of the therapeutics and hence, prolong their durations of action.
  • Decreased body sizes and altered body composition: the elderly generally have lower body weights and altered body composition, such as more fat and less water content. It is through these factors that the accumulation of a medication can occur, thus prolonging the duration of action of a therapeutic. Other than experiencing enhanced therapeutic effects, senior patients are also prone to heightened side effects.
Sildenafil Dosage Guide

Kamagra 100 mg Sildenafil Side Effects

Karaarslan reported last year, in a study found in the journal of Frontiers in Neurology, that the acute secondary effects of a sildenafil dosage were heartburn, skin flush and headaches. These adverse events were, however, reported to subside after about five hours of an administered dose when initiating treatment.

The side effect that lasted for longer than 24 hours was the ocular changes that occurred in patients. These vision problems were revealed as impaired visual sharpness, changes in colour perception, abnormal pupil dilation, light sensitivity and binocular vision (the ability to maintain vision on an object with both eyes).

The frequency of these ocular disturbances showed that out of 17 clinical trial patients:

  • thirteen men experienced changes in colour perception
  • nine men experienced impaired visual sharpness
  • three men experienced binocular vision
  • six men experienced contrast sensitivity
  • eight men experienced abnormal pupil dilation

This ocular adverse event was resolved, for the entire study population, within 21 days of treatment and the author concluded that the onset of this side effect may be due to the metabolic variations among the men. It was then reported that when initiating treatment, a modest trial dosage should be administered.

Results indicate that side effects are mild and tend to disappear on their own, if experienced. You can find additional side effects in the medication guide, which is the patient information leaflet included in the packaging when you buy Kamagra 100 mg online.

Are Kamagra 100 mg Safe for Everyone?

As with all medications, there are some cases where patients may experience an allergic reaction to Kamagra 100 mg. In fact, medicinal allergies may affect up to 20% of all hospitalised patients. Furthermore, these statistics are further hampered by serious allergies to medicines which are thought to affect about 10% of the world's population.

An allergic reaction is an exaggerated sensitivity to an ingredient in the medication and can be presented with a rash, hives, breathing difficulty and swelling of the eyes, throat and mouth too. Allergies can be a cause for concern, especially in severe cases where breathing is restricted.

If you find that you are sensitive to this medication, it is best that you discontinue treatment and seek medical attention immediately. However, having said this the medication is extremely well tolerated when used as directed.

Other situations that call for caution are those in which nitrates are used. These are medicines used for the treatment of congestive heart failure and chest pains associated with angina. The therapeutic effects of these medications can result in lower blood pressure, which is an effect that may be potentiated when the therapeutics are used concurrently.

You can get other cautionary advice online when you purchase Kamagra 100 mg in the UK, via our platform. This helps to ensure your experience and results are optimal.

Kamagra 100 mg Benefits

Many people buy Kamagra 100 mg for its efficacy as these tablets are a standard treatment of impotence. However, there are other benefits when you buy Kamagra 100 mg online and these are:

  • Safety: this medication is not only reported to be well-tolerated by most men, but is also safe for long-term use as well. There are studies that show that the medicine can be used for up to four years, with low incidence of sildenafil side effects.
  • Cost-effectiveness: as this medicine is a generic formulation, it is more affordable than the branded version of Viagra tablets. The cost-effectiveness of this medication is often favoured by those who use the treatment, especially in cases where the therapeutic is taken on a regular schedule.
  • Ease of acquiring the medication: these FDA approved ED pills are manufactured in India and can be purchased through our online pharmacy. When you buy these pills through our online site, you can complete the entire online buying process within a few steps. The ease and convenience of our internet pharmacy ensures that you can quickly receive your medicines, with minimal effort put in when ordering them.
Sildenafil  Side Effects

100 mg Kamagra Tablets Reviews

An online review of a medication is a review of a therapeutic made by a patient who has already tried the pharmaceutical treatment. These are important as they provide vital information about a medicine that you would not necessarily find on the manufacturer's website. Among these helpful details are personal experiences relating the efficacy, safety and side effects of a medication.

User reviews are essential as they may indicate when or when not to administer the pills, and how often you should take them as well. According to a BrightLocal survey, it was found that 82% of consumers read online business reviews, including 93% of consumers aged 35 to 54 years. These statistics are equally as high for user reviews relating to healthcare products.

Kamagra pills are often reviewed as a completely safe and effective treatment for sexual impotence.

Buy Kamagra 100 mg in the UK

Kamagra 100 mg are manufactured by the pharmaceutical company, Ajanta Pharma Ltd, which is located in India. However, you can buy this medication easily through our online pharmacy. By purchasing your therapeutics through our site, you can be sure that you will benefit through:

  • Secure services: your financial and personal details are safe when you buy medications through our online platform.
  • Informative customer services: we have customer service teams available to answer your queries and to help you navigate the site, should you have any problems doing so.
  • Fast delivery: after you have completed your purchase, you can expect speedy delivery of your medications to your doorstep.
  • Discrete delivery: to protect your anonymity, we can deliver your packages in unmarked wrapping so that you can maintain your privacy.

With these and so many other benefits of buying online, it is easy to understand why so many people choose to purchase Kamagra pills through our internet pharmacy. Whether you are using the medication for the management of ED symptoms or for the treatment of high blood pressure, you can conveniently buy Kamagra 100 mg at script-free and at the lowest prices.

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