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Sildenafil Citrate
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When individuals are questioned about men and sexual activity, almost all of them will state that men are always up for it. However, society overlooks the distinction in men's experiences and allows stereotypes to guide the sexual norms.

Therefore, men are always expected to have an excellent sexual function, which makes it increasingly difficult to speak on the topic of sexual dysfunction, such as impotence. This leaves men unable to obtain treatment, seek medical advice or talk to their partners.

However, patients can now buy cenforce 100 mg from trusted online sources that do not require face-to-face interaction. This is a certified erectile dysfunction treatment with an impressive efficacy profile and is widely preferred by all patients. Although it is generic, it is comparable to its branded counterpart, Viagra.


Erectile dysfunction occurs when a male cannot achieve or keep an erection rigid or hard enough for satisfactory, prolonged sexual intercourse. This ailment can signal a physical or psychological condition and causes high-stress levels, relationship conflicts and low self-confidence.

The main symptom of the condition is where a man cannot get or keep an erection. Other symptoms include achieving the erection for a short period, unable to maintain it during sexual activity and the inability to achieve one at all even with sufficient sexual stimulation.

Patients suffering from ED are often advised to treat any underlying factors that may be causing impotence. However, when this is ineffective, they turn to cenforce 100 mg tablets. These tablets are a derivative of the famous Viagra, containing the same active ingredient and providing patients with the same therapeutic effects.

This medication successfully treats erectile dysfunction symptoms. In combination with sexual arousal/stimulation, it works by increasing blood flow to the penis, which assists in the normal process of achieving an erection. It also affects certain hormones and enzymes to keep the blood in the penis for the duration of sexual activity, allowing the man to maintain the erection.

The treatment assists with the normal biological process of an erection, therefore, patients must ensure that they are sufficiently aroused to initiate this process. The tablet cannot increase sex drive as it is not an aphrodisiac, and it cannot protect one against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


100 mg cenforce protects a chemical called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) from degradation by an enzyme called PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) in a specific part of the penile area. Nitric oxide that is produced in the penis attaches to receptors, which increase the levels of cGMP. This relaxes the smooth muscles (vasodilation) of the penis, creating an inflow of blood into the penis, causing an erection.

This mechanism of vasodilation involves various enzymes and proteins. The occurrence of cGMP sets off different processes which cause smooth muscle relaxation, allowing for a hard erection. As a result, patients can have satisfactory sexual encounters. This medication is a potent and selective inhibitor of PDE-5, which is responsible for breaking down cGMP.

The molecular composition of cenforce is similar to the beneficial cGMP, therefore, it acts as a binding agent of PDE-5 in the penis. This results in an increased secretion of cGMP and an increased penile response to sexual arousal.

Therefore, without sexual stimulation, the activation of the nitric oxide and cGMP process will not begin. This means that 100 mg cenforce citrate itself will not cause an erection. The treatment is also effective in treating ED that results from the use of antidepressants.


Following the recommended dosage of sex pills is an essential part of medication adherence/compliance. This refers to the degree and extent of following any recommendations about medical pharmaceuticals given by a medical provider. It is also in respect to the dosage, frequency and timing.

Patients have to follow the correct cenforce 100 mg dosage to receive the desired clinical effect. Following the correct dose also lessens the risk of possible side effects. Taking the tablet per expert guidelines further reinforces its effectiveness.

The cenforce dosage is as follows:

  • Initially, the patient can start on a 25 mg or 50 mg dose taken as needed. The dose can only be taken once a day, 1 hour before sexual intercourse. When they are sure of their reaction to the substance, 100 mg cenforce citrate can be taken. The medication can be used regularly if needed.
  • It is advised to take the tablet 1 hour before sex, however, it can be taken up to 4 hours before sex.

Additional dosing guidelines:

  • The pill should be taken with a full glass of water. Not only does this assist in absorption, but it also assists with dizziness if it is experienced.
  • It can be taken with or without a meal, however, to experience maximum effects, patients are recommended to take it without food.
  • High-fat meals should not be consumed as they can delay the absorption rate of the substance. Opt for lighter snacks instead.
  • Alcohol should not be combined with the medication.
  • cenforce 100 mg pills should not be chewed or crushed, as it can leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth and alter its effectiveness.


A study demonstrated that patients who received 100 mg cenforce were able to attain a rigid, adequate erection up to four hours after administering the dose. This allowed patients to find a consistent with the medication's half-life of 3 to 5 hours.

How long the effects of the tablet last are slightly different in every individual. Experts found that this tablet assists in producing an erection at 4 hours after a dose, but these effects may not last long if taken at two hours.

Therefore, timing is crucial when taking the tablet. The best window period is achieved when it is taken 1 hour before sex. The medication lasts 4 to 6 hours. Thereafter, the active amount of the substance in the bloodstream will slowly be reduced by half every four hours.

When patients buy cenforce 100 mg, they should know that the medication does not produce permanent effects. If needed, it can safely be used for up to three years without the risk of developing tolerance.


All pharmacological treatments often have undesired side effects. This occurs in any field, from cold remedies to aspirin. The same occurs with ED medications. Since the body is a complex structure built from chemicals that must be regulated, these medications can easily cause an imbalance.

However, these imbalances are minor and are often resolved within a couple of days to a week. When patients buy cenforce 100 mg, they note the tolerability as it produces minimal, mild side effects. If experienced, they can be managed using at-home tips.

The table below notes the cenforce side effects and simple solutions:

Side effect Solution
Headache Keep hydrated as less water can lead to worsening of the headache.
Flushing of the face Apply or cold press or some aloe vera on the face. This will cool it down and reduce the redness as well.
Dizziness Lie down and relax. If the patient is feeling dizzy, they should not initiate sexual activity straight away.
Nausea Resting, eating bland foods and avoiding foods with a pungent taste or smell.
Stuffy or runny nose Drinking a hot cup of tea will relieve a stuffy or runny nose.
Sneezing Pinching the nose is one of the most effective methods to stop continuous sneezing.


Individuals that take certain medications are often concerned about safety and tolerance. They are concerned that they would need more of the substance to produce a substantial effect. However, this is not shared in cenforce 100 mg tablets when patients use the tablet as directed.

The medication has impeccable safety standards when used in accordance with expert guidelines and other advice. This allows patients to maximise the treatment with no risk to them. Additionally, knowing possible interactions and contraindications plays a considerable role in maintaining the safety of the medication.

The characteristics of the treatment allow it to be used in all age groups suffering from ED. Even high doses such as 100 mg of the substance do not cause severe side effects and do not increase the risk of tolerance.

A study demonstrated that 95% of patients who continued long-term therapy of 1 to 3 years reported that they were satisfied with the continued effects on their erections and improvement in the ability to engage and initiate sexual intercourse.


Patients were free to buy cenforce 100 mg tablets from the 1990s to the 2000s. It was one of the first medications that can be taken by mouth to treat ED. These pills have helped millions of men regain their sexual prowess, which led to better relationships and a better quality of life.

This is a prominent motivation as to why the popularity of this medication is increasing-however, other motives fuel patients' reasoning behind their purchase of cenforce 100 mg pills.

The tablet provides the following benefits:

  • It is produced under the same regulations as its brand name. This means that the quality is not compromised in any way.
  • 100 mg cenforce citrate is a potent dose, however, it is safe for all age groups.
  • The effects of this medication have a positive chain reaction on the mental and physical well-being of patients.
  • The side effects are mild and manageable at home without the use of additional medications.
  • Some patients report that the medication still affects them even after the window period has passed. This allows them plenty of time for sexual activity.
  • cenforce 100 mg can be bought online from websites such as ours.
  • It is cheaper than the brand name while offering the same pharmacological effects.


Almost all online shoppers use product reviews left by others to measure the level of satisfaction from a service or product. On average, consumers read approximately five reviews on a product before deciding to purchase the product. This is also true in the purchase of erectile dysfunction tablets.

It is measured that at least 5% of men experience impotence of different severities at 40 years old. The severity is increased for men at the age of 70. These growing figures further feed into the demand for generic versions of Viagra. Due to the common misconceptions around generics, cenforce 100 mg reviews are especially helpful.

This medication has a rating of 8.1 of 10, where 77% of these men reported effective and successful results from the treatment and 13% reported the occurrence of side effects. Men also noted the medication's beneficial durational effects as it allowed them to achieve an erection easily. They urge users to remember that the tablet is ineffective if there is no sexual stimulation.


Buying medications such as cenforce 100 mg online relives the pressure off affected males who are suffering from ED. Healthy sex lives are usually considered taboo topics and are hardly spoken about, making men feel uncomfortable around the topic. This leads them into avoiding physical pharmacies and overall assistance.

Therefore, we have created a safe online space that provides this treatment in a discreet manner that is beneficial to all patients. We also have quality customer service that will cater to patients' needs and concerns about the medication or ED.

This generic version of Viagra is the most bought ED solution on our online pharmacy, as it is bioequivalent to its counterpart and cost-friendly. Purchasing this medication on our website also decreases social anxiety and allows you to be in the comfort of your own home.

Patients that buy cenforce 100 mg benefit from our secure channels that do not need detailed personal data and other particulars. We also do not require face-to-face contact, and long queues are eliminated.

Online pharmacies offer secure channels with a high level of security that protects all your sensitive information. When you place your order, it will be delivered in a few short days. We provide quick door to door delivery and packages are discreetly wrapped to ensure patient confidentiality. Buy cenforce 100 mg tablets from us today and benefit from this approved Viagra generic, prescription-free.

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Yves Lorentz – Sep 03, 2021
Hi i want to bye cenforce 200 and cenforce 300. Thanks
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I am very happy with the service that I have received. The medication has been highly effective and the prices are a fraction of what the high street chemists try to charge. Daniel A
Samuel Lichuika – Feb 21, 2021
With this product, my lock-down activities has just been pumped up. good product deserves 5 stars.

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