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Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra is a generic Viagra which contains sildenafil citrate, and has been used by millions of men across the world to treat erectile dysfunction safely, and at a fraction of the cost of the original brand. Like the original, it has also been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective medication, which is now available in a faster acting oral jelly / liquid version! It is said that up to 38% of men experience erectile dysfunction problems, also known as impotence. Thankfully it is easily treated!

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Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma

What is Kamagra Oral Jelly?

Kamagra Oral Jelly is produced by the reputable pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma. Our online pharmacy sells this medication to the United Kingdom and European public at the best possible price. You can buy Kamagra Oral Jelly online from us for a small percentage of the cost you would expect to pay for an equally effective product at a regular pharmacy.

What is Sildenafil?

How Kamagra Oral Jelly Works

Kamagra Oral Jelly performs the same function as most other Kamagra products - putting a stop to erectile dysfunction, fast. The difference is that Kamagra Oral Jelly is provided in a liquid or gel form and work even faster than hard tablets.

Kamagra Oral Jelly contains Sildenafil citrate which belongs to a group of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors. They function by affecting certain chemicals in the body called cGMP and PDE-5 in order to improve blood flow. The enzyme cGMP is directly involved in the production of an erection, and PDE-5 plays a significant role in inhibiting the action of cGMP.

Medication for erectile dysfunction works by limiting the inhibitory functioning of PDE-5 so that cGMP is able to increase blood flow to the penis, ultimately allowing a man to get and sustain an erection. In short, the jellies allow for better blood flow necessary to sustain a healthy erection for intercourse.

How does  Sildenafil Work?

Kamagra Oral Jelly Benefits

  • Kamagra Oral Jelly is designed to assist men suffering from erectile dysfunction to get the lift they need when they need it most. It remains effective for between 4 and 6 hours in the body. Getting an erection when sexually stimulated is as easy as swallowing one sachet of jelly. This Kamagra product shows results within 15 to 20 minutes of consumption, in contrast to hard tablets that take 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Another reason why some men prefer Kamagra Oral Jelly is that it is simply easier to swallow and water is not needed to take it. It is still good to keep hydrated though when taking ED medications.
  • Kamagra Jelly online is FDA approved and much cheaper than Viagra, yet gives the same benefits with no severe side effects to worry about.

Kamagra Oral Jelly Dosage Guide

You may be wondering how to take this medication to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from it. No more than one 100 mg sachet of gel should be taken 15 to 20 minutes before you plan to have sex. It can be taken with or without food by squeezing the contents onto a spoon or directly in the mouth. Water is not needed to ingest the gel substance that is quickly absorbed, but water is good as it combats the mild side effect of possible dehydration.

Sildenafil Dosage Guide

Is Kamagra Oral Jelly Safe?

Although approved by the FDA, this drug should not be taken by minors younger than 18 years of age. Don't buy Kamagra Jelly if you are taking medication containing nitrates, if you are taking medication that might interact negatively with sildenafil or if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Liver or kidney problems
  • Hyperlipidaemia
  • Coronary artery disease

More detailed information can be researched online if you would like to know more before you buy Kamagra Oral Jelly.

Kamagra Oral Jelly Side Effects

Side effects when taking this medication are not often experienced. However, it is possible that you may experience mild to moderate effects. You can minimise the severity of side effects by keeping hydrated as previously mentioned, and by following the dosage guidelines. Some relatively more common side effects when taking Kamagra Oral Jelly may include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Indigestion
  • Stuffy nose
  • Facial flushing

If you suspect that you have exceeded the recommended dosage, or if you have an erection that is lasting for longer than 4 hours or if you experience any persistent side effects, you should consult your doctor immediately. Customers are also advised to read the patient information leaflet that arrives in the packaging of their order. Online researches such as reading articles and blogs from authoritative sources and online pharmacies is also highly recommended.

Sildenafil  Side Effects

Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly

The process to buy Kamagra in the UK is easy, especially with the help of our friendly and professional customer service team who are available on Live Chat, email and telephone. To buy Kamagra Oral Jelly in the UK, select the jellies in the desired quantity and simply follow the easy prompts. Paying is also secure and simple - all you need is credit card details and your delivery address on hand.

Prices also work out even cheaper if you buy in larger quantities. We guarantee speedy delivery of your parcel after your purchase is confirmed, anywhere in the UK or EU. We promise to protect the information you provide and to respect your privacy by delivering your parcel in discreet packaging. Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly online from us today to receive the best quality medication for treating ED!

Visit https://www.kamagrauk1.com/ to see our full range of products or follow the handy links to other available treatment options for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation!

More information about Kamagra Oral Jelly, and the products sold on our website, can be found on our blog. Any general questions can be directed to our friendly customer service staff that are available 24 hours to assist. To send us a question simply use our contact form!

REVISED: March 2021

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Fred Green – Mar 02, 2021
My jellies arrived on Saturday, right on cue and I have been delighted with the results. F Green
Ruai Griggs – Feb 19, 2021
Extremely effective! Quick action and effect lasts for hours. I would give 10 stars if I can as my girlfriend loved it. Thanks a bunch! - Ruai G.

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