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An erection begins with a mental and sensory stimulation, which subsequently leads to sexual arousal. When stimulated sexually, a man will typically experience a penile erection that is caused by the penis filling with blood that is trapped under high pressure and once erect, sexual intercourse may be completed.

When experiencing a sexual disorder, such as erectile dysfunction (or impotence), a man may have difficulty getting an erection or keeping an erection.

Those with erectile dysfunction symptoms are often frustrated by the lack of sexual pleasure, which can be extended to their partner as well. The undesirable symptoms of ED can, however, be managed with Kamagra oral jelly. This is a medication used for the treatment of sexual impotence that is formulated as a gel.

It is very fast acting and works in about 15 minutes after ingestion. It is easy to ingest as well as no water is needed.


As it contains the therapeutic ingredient, sildenafil, this medication can be used to treat ED. The method of action of Kamagra jelly is to:

  • Induce an erection
  • Maintain an erection firm enough to satisfy the requirements of sexual intercourse
  • Increase sexual pleasure

Impotence is a highly prevalent sexual disorder, especially among older men. Factors that contribute to this dysfunction include medical conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. When used for the management of ED symptoms, Kamagra oral jelly 100 mg, can improve sexual pleasure by increasing the number of sexually satisfying events. An overview of clinical evidence that investigated the efficacy of the active ingredient in this medication showed that 69% of those given the active treatment were able to complete sexual intercourse successfully. This was in comparison to the 22% of the study population who completed the same when given the inactive treatment (the placebo) (Hatzimouratidis, 2006).

Another use for this therapeutic is the treatment of high blood pressure. As initially intended to be a medication for the treatment of hypertension and heart-related chest pain, this medicine can also be used to reduce blood pressure. These gel medicaments can specifically be used for those with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), which is high blood pressure within the arteries of the lung tissue.

Moreover, Kamagra jelly may be useful for the management of Raynaud's phenomenon, which is a medical condition characterised by reduced blood flow to the arteries in the fingers, toes, knees and others areas of the body.


You can order Kamagra jelly as a generic version of Viagra. Therapeutics of this class of ED medications are categorised as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors as they inhibit or block the action of the enzyme, PDE5.

The main role of PDE5 is to breakdown cGMP in the blood, but cGMP is responsible for the relaxation of the smooth muscles and consequential dilation of the blood vessels. Therefore, when the action of PDE5 is inhibited, the cGMP can function unrestricted to dilate blood vessels and thereby, improve blood flow to the penis.

When blood is flowing without hindrance to the penis, it can subsequently fill the open spaces of the penis and hence, enable a penile erection.

The mechanism of action of Kamagra oral jelly requires sexual stimulation. Sexual arousal is needed for the release of nitric oxide (NO), which increases the levels of cGMP in the blood. Without sexual stimulation, this therapeutic cannot work in the body to induce an erection or maintain an erection either. This medication is also not intended for sexual performance as it is not an aphrodisiac.


  • This erectile dysfunction treatment typically comes packaged as a 100 mg gel, in a discrete and easy to handle package. When you require the therapeutic benefits of this ED medicine, you can tear open the packaging and release its contents onto your tongue.
  • The gel will be easily dissolved on the tongue once administered, and take effects a short while thereafter.
  • You do not require a drink of water to take this medication, as you do with conventional pills. This makes it easier to administer the therapeutic, especially if you do not like to or cannot easily swallow tablets or capsules.
  • A safe dosage of this medicine is 100 mg, but this can be adjusted upwards or downwards based on your ability to tolerate the active ingredients and the effect of the medicine on your body as well.
  • You should avoid a high fat meal when administering a Kamagra oral jelly dosage as this can delay the therapeutic action of the dose. Foods high in fat may prolong gastric emptying and thus, the absorption of the active ingredient after it is processed by the digestive system as well.
  • Alcohol should also be avoided when using this treatment as it can reduce the efficacy of the medication.


The effective treatment time is four to six hours, however, this can be more or less depending on:

  • Your age: older men may experience enhanced effects of this medicine as they generally have impaired liver and kidney function. As a result, the absorption and subsequent elimination of the active components may be extended, leading to prolonged therapeutic action.
  • Your metabolism: those who are able to metabolise the medicine at a faster rate can usually experience the benefits much quicker. Those with slower metabolisms can possibly process the medication slower and thus experience a longer time to the onset of action, as well as prolonged therapeutic action through delayed removal of the medicine from the body.
  • Your administered dosage: if you take a higher dosage of this gel, you may experience prolonged duration of action. This is because you will possibly have a greater amount of the medicine in your body, leading to enhanced therapeutic benefits. This is not always the case as there are circumstances where an increased dosage does not correlated with enhanced benefits.


When you buy Kamagra oral jelly, there is an information leaflet that comes standard in every packaging, known as the patient information leaflet, or PIL. This is essentially a medication guide that provides details on how to use the medication, when to use it and of the potential adverse effects associated with treatment too.

The side effects listed in the medication guide is not an exhaustive indication of the possible adverse events, but are merely a guide as to what to expect. As per Kamagra oral jelly reviews, the common side effects experienced are:

  • Headaches
  • Facial flushing
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea or vomiting

Many of those who purchase Kamagra oral jelly have indicated that these side effects are often transient. This means that they disappear when they body becomes accustomed to the medication, which usually occurs with regular or consistent use.

Additionally, the adverse effects of this treatment are normally mild to moderate in severity. Facial flushing, for example, may occur a day or two after initiating treatment and can resolve itself a week after using the medicine regularly.


Kamagra oral jelly 100 mg treatment is a safe pharmaceutical therapy for men with sexual impotence. However, this medicine should only be used if you have been diagnosed with ED and not for the sole purpose of increasing sexual pleasure.

To know if you have the sexual dysfunction, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Marked difficulty in achieving an erection for sexual intercourse, in at least 75% of all sexual activities
  • Marked difficulty in maintaining an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse, in at least 75% of all sexual activities
  • Marked reduction in erectile rigidity in at least 75% of all sexual events

It is an effective treatment for the management of ED symptoms, but when used recreationally, this medication may negatively affect sexual prowess. Many men buy Kamagra jelly for reasons other than the indicated medical uses, but this can cause an impairment of the mental and physical capabilities of those using it recreationally.

Evidence suggests that when men, who are able to achieve and keep an erection on their own, use this therapeutic on a long-term recreational basis, they may find it difficult to complete the natural penile erection process without chemical intervention.


  • You are privy to many benefits when you buy Kamagra oral jelly through our online pharmacy. The main benefits of this treatment are:
  • You can purchase this gel and other forms of the medication, such as the erectile dysfunction tablets, without a prescription. This means that you do not have to discuss the sensitive matter of this sexual dysfunction with a doctor, prior to being prescribed the medicine.
  • The therapeutic increases the number of sexually satisfying events you experience. This will enable a more balanced sexual lifestyle for both you and your partner too. The benefits of a healthy sex life are, by an extension, a marked improvement on your quality of life.
  • Kamagra oral jelly 100 mg has a quick response time. You can take the gel about an hour prior to sexual intercourse. This will give the therapeutic sufficient time to work in the body.
  • This gel is also rapidly absorbed by the body, as compared to conventional pills which have to first be processed by the digestive system before it can get to work.
  • Possibly the most significant benefit of this formulation is the gel form. As a gel that dissolves on the tongue, you can discretely take the medication anywhere and at anytime as you do not need water to swallow sex pills. It is also an easy means of administration, especially for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets.


Reviews of this medication can be researched when you order Kamagra jelly. These reports have suggested that the therapeutic is safe, when used as directed. The sildenafil side effects associated with this treatment are also generally mild in severity and tend to be short-lived.

According to user reviews, one of the most frequent reasons for deterring a man from seeking treatment for ED is the need to buy the medication publicly, through a pharmacy store. Many men have indicated that they often feel embarrassed to discuss the symptoms of this disorder with someone in person, and to also purchase treatments through a walk-in pharmacy.

Though there are effective ED treatments available, such as a sildenafil dosage of Kamagra oral jelly, there are still many men who are left untreated due to the stigma attached to the dysfunction. In fact, according to an assistant clinical professor of urology at the University of Chicago, only 25% of men are actually treated for impotence.

Online pharmacies are becoming the go-to solution to address the sensitive issue of erectile dysfunction.


Our online pharmacy can be the solution to the previously mentioned problem. When you purchase Kamagra jelly via our internet pharmacy, you can be assured that you have confidential transacting at your disposal and without the requirement of a prescription as well. This means that you can maintain your anonymity when purchasing this medication as our healthcare products are also delivered in unmarked, discreet packaging as well.

Furthermore, Kamagra oral jelly 100 mg, can also contribute to the 75% of men with erectile disorder who are not treated, as it is an affordable generic of the popular ED brand. Generic formulations can, in certain cases, be as much as 80-85% cheaper than brand name medications, but are just as effective as their branded counterparts.

Considering that sexual impotence affects both young and old men alike, and the global prevalence of this dysfunction is staggering, and online pharmacies can provide a basis for acquiring the much needed treatment, without having to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Sexual health is important and you can be a part of the 25% of men who are receiving the help they need to enjoy safe and healthy sex.

One of the most convenient ways to buy Kamagra oral jelly is through the use of a secure online platform. Order fast-acting Kamagra oral jelly online now and take the first step to effective ED treatment. When you purchase from our online pharmacy you can expect fast, discreet and reliable service.

Order approved medication safely, in the needed quantity and save while transacting paperless and script-free.

Content Review Date: July 2022
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Alan Green – Jun 05, 2022
Great service
Peter – Apr 30, 2022
I have used this product many times. Kamagra oral jelly is the most convenient of all because it works so fast and is easy to take discreetly.
OLU AKINYEMI – Apr 03, 2022
This product is good.
William Chase – Jan 19, 2022
Ive always been interested in the jelly treatment but I didnt buy it during the entire 2021. Just before New Year, I decided to buy it in hopes that it could make it in time for a steamy New Years after party in our bedroom. It made it in time and we had an amazing night.
Grant – Oct 30, 2021
Great for shaggin
Hakan Dalkiran – Oct 18, 2021
Okay okay..
Gary Lammas – Sep 23, 2021
Works wonders for me.
Leigh Archer – Aug 20, 2021
Great stuff
Fred Green – Mar 02, 2021
My jellies arrived on Saturday, right on cue and I have been delighted with the results. F Green
Ruai Griggs – Feb 19, 2021
Extremely effective! Quick action and effect lasts for hours. I would give 10 stars if I can as my girlfriend loved it. Thanks a bunch! - Ruai G.

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