Erectile Dysfunction Tablets

Erectile Dysfunction Tablets

These tablets were developed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (when a man is unable to keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse).

How to Take the tablets:

  • For all types and brands of therapeutics, developed for the management of impotence, the typical administration time is at least a few hours prior to sexual stimulation. This is to allow the tablets adequate time to work.
  • The frequency of administration for all types of these medications is once per day as the medicine has long-lasting effects.
  • You may administer lower dosages of the medicines with greater frequency but this should always be in line with the maximum daily dosage. Taking too much pills for ED can result in serious complications, such as a prolonged erection.
  • More-often-than-not, these medicines are intended for use on an as-needed basis, but there are situations where a man prefers to use the medication on a more regular treatment schedule. Daily dosing can be beneficial in certain circumstances as it eliminates the need for planned sexual occasions.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as sexual impotence, can be a sign of an underlying physiological or physical condition. It is characterised by the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual activity. This sexual dysfunction can occur at any age, but is most common for older men.

Approximately 5% of men, aged 40 years, suffer from complete erectile dysfunction. Complete ED is defined as:

  • The complete inability to induce or keep an erection during sexual excitement
  • The absence of erections during the night (nocturnal erections), barring exceptions

The frequency of this sexual disorder increases to 15% in men who are aged 70 years. While it is common for men to experience erectile dysfunction in their latter years, it is also relatively common to experience erectile dysfunction symptoms in your 30's as well.

A study by Rosen et al. (2004) accessed the prevalence of this dysfunction in younger males. They reported that in a clinical trial group of about 27 000 active patients, 11% of men had ED in their 30's.

Other than complete ED, a man can also experience these symptoms on an occasional basis. This form of the condition is known as mild or occasional ED.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

What Are some of the Erectile Dysfunction Causes?

Sexual arousal in men is a complex process involving the brain, emotions, hormones, nerve cells, muscles as well as certain blood vessels. This means that the causes of the sexual dysfunction can be physical, emotional and physiological too.

  • Physical causes: These are conditions that affect the flow of blood to the penis. Narrowing of the blood vessels leading to the penis can be brought about through symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol as well. Other factors, such as surgery or injury, can also affect the penile erection process. Physical causes tend to be associated with complete erectile dysfunction.
  • Physiological causes: in some instances, you may experience symptoms of impotence in certain situations rather than at every occasion of sexual stimulation. For example, you find you can have nocturnal erections, but are unable to induce an erection with a sexual partner. Underlying physiological causes are often responsible for these symptoms and these include stress, anxiety or depression.
  • Emotional causes: emotions are a state of mind and relate to one's relationships, mood or other circumstances of life. The way you feel can cause symptoms of ED. For example, if you experience a few cases of ED, you may be emotionally affected by these occurrences and whether or not they will occur again. This can further potentiate the effects of the condition and add to the feelings of anxiety as well.
Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Cognitive and behaviour therapies were the favoured options, in the past, to help men with their inability to get or keep an erection. However, erectile dysfunction tablets have been proven significantly efficacious, with minimal side effects, in the treatment of this sexual disorder.

Some of the best erectile dysfunction treatment options are:

  • Sildenafil: This medication can be better recognised as the popular brand, Viagra. It was the first oral medication released on the market for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and has been prescribed globally, for more than 64 million men. The restriction of cheaper generic versions of Viagra, by the National Health Services (NHS), saw a steep increase in the dispensing of this therapeutic, in England. The number of these prescription products dispensed in the period of 2012 to 2013 was 1.3 million, a statistic which more than doubled to 2.7 million from 2015 to 2016.
  • Vardenafil: known as the popular brand, Levitra, this therapeutic is considered more effective than Viagra and with a significantly longer duration of action too. Whereas the effects of Viagra can last up to 4 hours, the effects of Levitra can last up to 12 hours. These brands, however, have similar onset of action times.
  • Tadalafil: Amongst all of the brands of erectile dysfunction pills, this therapeutic has the longest duration of action. Lasting up to 36 hours, these tablets offer the most spontaneity for men with regard to the timing of sexual activities.
What is Kamagra

Buy Erectile dysfunction Tablets

  • For conditions, such as sexual impotence, there is a greater need for discretion and privacy when buying medications as the topic can be a sensitive issue. It has been reported that many men fail to seek treatment for this sexual disorder because of the stigma attached to the dysfunction. Feelings of shame and embarrassment deter men from getting the help they need.
  • E-commerce pharmacies are the perfect option for these instances. They offer a sense of discreetness with regard to discussing the details of the condition as well as in seeking possible treatment options. In addition to maintaining your privacy, comparisons of the various brands available for the treatment of ED, are easy to accomplish when using online pharmacies.
  • If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and have sensitive feelings relating to the disorder, you can buy erectile dysfunction pills online, in a confidential and discreet manner.

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Author: John Sanderson

Author: John Sanderson

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