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Kamagra Polo

Sildenafil Citrate
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Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma


Ajanta Pharmaceutical Ltd is a company in India that produces erectile dysfunction tablets in various formulations. One of these formulations is the Kamagra polo tablets. These tablets are small but effective pills that look and taste like fruity sweets. This allows you to take them discreetly at anytime that you may need them.

You can order Kamagra polo 100 mg by means of our online pharmacy as we make this ED treatment easily accessible through fast shipping and doorstep delivery.

Sexual impotence may be prevalent among men of all ages around the globe, but this condition is also treatable. It seems that not many men are aware of these treatment options as there was £17 million worth of fake ED meds seized, just five year ago suggesting that some men are too embarrassed to talk to their partner or doctor about the disorder and seek authentic products. Our platform only sells FDA approved originals and generic Viagra sourced from leading global manufacturers.


  • It is common to buy Kamagra polo 100 mg for the treatment of erectile disorder. The symptoms of ED can be effectively managed with the use of these tablets as they increase blood flow to the penis, by means of the active ingredient, sildenafil. Research by Goldstien et. al. (1998), reviewed in the New England Journal of Medicine, reported a 24 week dose-response study involving 532 men with impotence. The results of this study showed that increasing doses were associated with improved erectile function, and concluded that the treatment was both well-tolerated and safe.
  • Patients also buy Kamagra polo chewable pills for the management of high blood pressure. The therapeutic action of this medication is not only restricted to the blood vessels of the genitalia but can dilate the blood vessels of the lung as well, making it effective for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, or PAH (high blood pressure in the arteries of the lung).
  • This medication has been studied for high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE), which is a non-carcinogenic form of a medical condition characterised by water build-up in the lungs. While there is evidence that this therapeutic may be effective for the treatment of HAPE, it has not been indicated as such.
  • Other off-label uses of a sildenafil dosage include the treatment of Raynaud's phenomenon. Those affected by this disorder experience a short supply of blood to areas of the body where smaller arteries constrict and limit the flow of blood.


The overall purpose of Kamagra polo 100 mg is to improve blood flow.

When men experience erectile dysfunction symptoms, the flow of blood to the penis is normally impaired because of a physical or psychological condition. The erection process cannot be completed as the patient often finds difficulty in achieving an erection and/ or maintaining an erection once achieved.

Similarly, for those with PAH or Raynaud's phenomenon, there is impaired blood flow to the lungs and fingers or toes, respectively.

The flow of blood can be increased when Kamagra polo 100 mg blocks the action of the PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for the metabolism of cGMP, which is a substance that relaxes the smooth muscles and consequently dilates the blood vessels.

The inhibition of PDE promotes the accumulation of cGMP and thus, widens the blood vessels so that more blood may flow through the arteries to the penis (for ED patients), the lungs (for PAH patients) and to the fingers or toes (for those with Raynaud's phenomenon).


  • You can buy Kamagra polo in different fruity flavours. A kamagra polo dosage may be administered by chewing the fruity-flavoured pills to release the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Alternatively, these tablets may be swallowed in whole form.
  • These sex pills are packaged in blister packs and resemble candy, which makes for discrete administration.
  • You can take Kamagra polo 100 mg pills before or after a meal but before a meal is generally preferred as foods, especially those high in fats, can delay the onset of action.
  • Sexual stimulation is a pre-requisite of this treatment as these pills do not induce erections on their own. Sexual arousal releases the chemical, nitric oxide, which increases the amount of cGMP. cGMP dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow.
  • You should not take Kamagra polo 100 mg tablets in conjunction with other PDE5 inhibitors as the combined therapeutic actions may lead to negative effects on the body. Likewise, the concomitant use of alcohol and this medicine can lead to reduced effectiveness as well as an increased risk of sildenafil side effects.


The duration of action of a medication is also referred to as its half-life. It is the time taken for half of the medicine to be eliminated from the body via renal excretion and other excretory processes. The half-life of a Kamagra polo dosage is roughly around three to five hours, and the therapeutic response is expected to last for approximately three hours, following the administration of a 100 mg dosage.

The concentration of these erectile dysfunction tablets reaches peak levels around 30 to 120 minutes after a dose, typically around 60 minutes. Some men can still achieve a satisfactory erection after about 10 hours of taking the medicine, but the duration may be considerably shorter. It is therefore, essential not to take too much of the medication over a 24 hour period as the therapeutic action may extend further than four to six hours.


According to a long-term efficacy and safety study on the active ingredient of this medication (Christiansen et. al., 2000), the most frequent side effects reported were:

  • Facial flushing: facial flushing is not generally a reason to be concerned as it is more of a social worry. It is a red appearance of the skin in the face, throat and neck area and usually develops when using this treatment as the blood vessels in the skin dilate, allowing for more blood to pass through. Facial flushing affected about 7% of the study population.
  • Headaches: these are painful sensations in any part of the head. Headaches are a common side effect, especially when treatment first begins as the body requires time to adjust to the presence of the medication. Headaches were reported by around 6% of the clinical trial patients.
  • Dyspepsia: this is also known as indigestion and can be associated with nausea, bloating or flatulence. Dyspepsia was shown to be a side effect of approximately 5% of the ED patients.

In spite of the onset of these adverse events, the researchers of this study concluded that the medication was a safe and effective treatment of impotence, both when initiated and during long-term treatment as well.


This erectile dysfunction treatment is intended for men over the age of 18 years. You can buy Kamagra polo 100 mg, as these tablets are safe, as long as they are administered as intended by the manufacturer. This means that you should not use the therapeutic in excess (more than the recommended daily dosage) and not for longer than you need it.

Your medical history is important when deciding if the therapeutic is safe for you. If you have a history of cardiac problems, this medication should be used with caution as the effects can aggravate the condition, especially as sex can strain the heart. Furthermore, those with hypotension (low blood pressure) should also use this therapeutic cautiously as the medication can cause a reduction in blood pressure. If drastically reduced, these effects can negatively affect your body in terms of oxygen supply to the organs.


One of the greatest advantages of Kamagra polo is the discrete administration it offers. Many men feel ashamed of the disorder, according to a survey that highlighted the following findings:

  • Approximately 9% of men discussed the symptoms of erectile dysfunction with another male in their families
  • About 27% suggested that they would rather break up with a partner than discuss their symptoms with a doctor
  • Around 43% of those with sexual impotence said that they are unable to discuss the problem with friends
  • About 23% indicated that they were not comfortable discussing their disorder with a medical practitioner

With such staggering statistics, the discrete formulation of Kamagra polo, in conjunction with the privacy offered by our online platform to buy Kamagra polo chewable tablets, can be a solution to the embarrassment some men may experience when seeking treatment.

Other benefits include:

  • The great taste of the chewable pills
  • The lack of a bitter or unpleasant after taste
  • The ease of administration, that is, they can be simply chewed or left to dissolve in the mouth
  • The medication does not require a prescription

If you would like to benefit from this treatment, like so many other men who are enjoying the pleasure of a healthy sex life, you can buy Kamagra polo 100 mg through our online site.


According to Kamagra polo reviews, such as the user reviews of those who use Kamagra polo 100 mg this medication is:

Safe and well-tolerated: most men who use this treatment have said that they do not experience any or many side effects with the tablets. Patients suggest that this medicine is generally well-tolerated and safe for use, whether on-demand or when used more regularly.

The reviews of this medication are in line with evidence, according to one of the largest studies conducted on men with sexual impotence. Researchers found that 50 mg and 100 mg dosages of this active ingredient were reported to be safe among a study population of more than 14000 men with ED (Giuliano et. al., 2010).

According to the key findings of this study, there were no new safety issues found, other than the potential (but low) risks of prolonged erections and visual disturbances or those relating to incorrect administration of the medication. Furthermore, the doses were well-tolerated by both young men and the elderly too, and there was no casual link to any cardiovascular episode. In addition, there were no unexpected side effects and a similar safety profile was shown for those with or without liver and/or kidney impairments.

Efficacious: many who use this treatment to achieve and maintain erections firm enough for sexual intercourse have indicated that these tablets are highly efficacious. Reviews have pointed out that the therapeutic helps to:

  • Increase the number of successful sexual events
  • Improve sexual function
  • Improve sexual satisfaction

Guay et. al. (2001) reported an overall 82% success rate among the clinical trial patients of their study. These researchers suggested that the medication is very effective in treating ED, but can be more efficacious, than previous studies have shown it to be, if there was adequate control of certain risk factors, such as hypertension and using multiple medications at once.


If you are looking for an effective, safe and popular treatment for impotence, Kamagra polo tablets are the perfect option. These pills are great-tasting and do not look like the average conventional pharmaceutical tablets, which means you can subtly administer them anywhere and at anytime.

You can order this ED treatment through our online pharmacy, with discretion and privacy, as you are not required to discuss the symptoms of your condition with anyone in person. In addition to maintaining your anonymity, you can buy these tablets at an affordable price as we know that some of the renowned ED brands can sometimes be expensive.

Kamagra polo tablets are cheaper than other brands of PDE5 inhibitors as they are a generic version of these brand name medications. As generics, they are equally effective as the branded originals (because they contain the same active ingredient). However, they can cost significantly cheaper because their manufacturers are not compelled to undergo the costs of marketing and testing that producers of branded formulations are restricted to.

Order Kamagra polo tablets via our online pharmacy now and restore balance to your sex life. Customer care is available day or night to assist with orders and queries.

Last Reviewed: 15th July 2024
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Customer Reviews

Gabriel Garrison – Jan 20, 2022
This reminded me of a sweet from when I was a kid, so I added it to the cart next to my usual go to treatment. Honestly, its seemed just as potent as as the normal tablets, while looking like a normal sweet. Had one if the restaurant during a date and nobody batted an eyelid. 2022 is the year of polo boys.
Arthur James – Oct 05, 2021
I was new to this product but it worked exactly as they say. As tasty as a polo but even better. Arthur James

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