Privacy Policy


The privacy policy of Kamagra 1 (here after referred to as the website) adheres to the standards set out by the regulatory bodies, as well as industry guidelines that correspond to recognised data collection and usage practices. By using the website and providing personal data, the user agrees to, and is bound by, the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. The Privacy Policy can change at any time without any prior notice, at the discretion of the website. All users are advised to visit this page frequently to educate themselves more about the rules and policies that govern their privacy and personal information.


The website collects two types of user information—identifiable and non-identifiable. Non-identifiable information such as browser name, IP address, and operating system type are collected each time a user or member visits the website. Non-identifiable information is subject to sale, exchange, transfer, or distribution with third parties. Identifiable information such as personal information and banking details are only collected once, when the user signs up with the website as a new member. Users can visit the site anonymously, provided that their purpose of use is to gain information about the medications available only.


Identifiable and non-identifiable data may be used by the website to offer users a better and a more personalised experience for their future orders and use of the website. Personal information and banking details are also gathered to fulfil shipping and payment requirements. The website may contact its members via email to let them know about promotions, discounts, and services that will be on offer for a specific period. We do not divulge, issue, distribute, or provide personal information of our clients to third parties. We offer our clients a safe and secure buying platform to protect their privacy and personal data.


The website relies on cookies to give the user a better experience with their online platform. Cookies enable service providers associated, affiliated, and partnered with the website to determine non-identifiable information of the user. Users and members of the website may opt, at any time, to stop giving permission when it comes to collecting cookies during browsing. The website does work with third party vendors, service providers, and websites to enhance customer experience, functionality and benefits. However, be informed that the website does not give consent to any third parties to access, collect, or use the personal data of clients. Should you visit third party sites or use the services of a third party service provider, the onus will however rest on you to familiarise yourself with their terms and conditions and privacy policies.


The website makes use of a secure server and all monetary transactions conducted on the website are Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted. This is the expected standard for optimum data security with online transactions. Only authorised personnel are granted permission or admin access to further reinforce or monitor security.

WARNING: If a client participates in suspicious, illegal, and criminal activity on or linked to the website or any of its network websites, we reserve the right to reveal personal data of the user to the relevant law enforcement agencies. Cyber crime will, under no circumstances, be tolerated by the website.


You are advised to go through the Terms and Conditions of the website and visit our FAQs page for more information. If you have further questions, get in touch with customer support via our Contact Us page or Live Chat facility.