Refund Policy


At Kamagra 1, we follow stringent industry-standardised practices for issuing refunds and return orders, with an easy and hassle-free process in place. You are advised to read this page to fully understand whether you will qualify for a refund or return, should the need ever arise. We will approve the request for refund or return order of the shipment if it:

  • Is not what you ordered.
  • Is of poor quality or not up to the standards maintained by us.
  • Is damaged, broken, or missing in parts or full at the time of arrival.

The refund and return policy of this website follows the online trading, pharmaceutical, and globally practiced regulations.


Customers may opt to request a return shipment in one of the above-mentioned instances. In such events, we will issue full return shipment once the customer has contacted and alerted customer support and provided the necessary verification. We will require customers to send certain information to process a return shipment. Customers need to present sufficient evidence of incorrect shipment, dissatisfactory quality, damage or missing items at the time of contacting customer support. Items to be returned must be returned within 7 working days and customer support can advise further on the necessary steps to be taken.

NOTE: If the customer has made use of the contents of the shipment and then requires a return shipment, we will be unable process the request.


We will process refund requests in all cases listed above. Similarly, as with return requests, if customers receive the wrong shipment, poor quality shipment, or missing shipment, they are advised to contact customer support and return the shipment within 7 working days thereafter. Once the shipment is received, we can process the refund. However, the company reserves the right to process and issue a partial or full refund at its discretion. This is due to individual circumstances, which can vary from case to case.

*Please note that we will not process any refund in cases where the customer provides incorrect details relating to personal information that results in the non-deliverability of the order. To use this website to buy medications, you will be required to sign up, so it is crucial that you provide the correct information, especially for the present shipment. Clients must take note that failure to do so will result in non-delivery and we will not be liable for issuing a refund in such cases.

If you have discovered errors in the shipment address within 24 hours of placing the order, then contact customer support immediately so that the appropriate changes can be made. Once the order is verified and shipped, the customer will not be entitled to a refund.


Kamagra 1 does not accept chargebacks as all matters pertaining to orders are resolved via customer support. If a customer raises a chargeback, we reserve the right to ban them from using this website and other websites within our network of pharmacies.

WARNING: Cybercrime is a punishable offense and will be dealt with severely.


If you have any questions or need to make a request for a refund or return shipment please contact our customer support team.