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Sexual intercourse is an important part of life as it builds a strong foundation for marriage and intimacy between partners. It consummates a relationship and most of the time symbolizes love, affection and care for one another. Apart from the emotional benefits of sex, sexual satisfaction or enjoyment is a crucial factor for the parties involved. If there is an impairment or disability, it is highly likely for partners to have conflicts and individuals lacking confidence.

Research on sexual dysfunctions has found that erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) are two of the most common sexual disorders experienced by men worldwide. The two conditions can exist independently or concurrently and are treated by specific active ingredients. However, in recent times, medications have been developed to treat both disorders at once.

One of the popular medicinal treatments is Super Tadarise sex pills that contain two active ingredients for treating ED and PE at once. You can now buy Super Tadarise online from any trusted internet pharmacies.


Super Tadarise pills have been researched and developed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for men over the age of 18. Men who are sexually active and have problems with attaining and keeping an erection during sex or those who get an erection that is not firm enough for penetration may use this medication. Having a steady erection will ensure that you and your partner achieve satisfactory sex.

Men who also have a hard time controlling their ejaculation, where they reach orgasm after only a few minutes after penetration, should also use this medication to delay ejaculation and increase time for sexual intercourse. If ejaculation is too early your partner may not reach orgasm, this can cause conflict in relationships and might even leave men feeling embarrassed and disappointed.

Men, who have underlying conditions that cause ED or PE, can buy Super Tadarise tadalafil. An erection is caused by healthy blood flow into the tissues of the penis; problems in one's blood pressure (especially long term) may affect erection as blood may not flow so easily into the penis to result in an erection. Hypertension is also involved in decreasing the regulation of sex hormones (such as testosterone), therefore causing sexual difficulties.


This medicinal treatment consists of two active ingredients, tadalafil and dapoxetine. These active ingredients are usually sold under the popular brand names Cialis and Priligy. The first active ingredient is a PDE-5 inhibitor while the second is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). The ingredients have work in different ways to achieve a shared goal for treating ED and PE respectively.

The PDE-5 inhibitor simply works by suppressing cGMP metabolism and inhibiting PDE receptors. This mechanism of action then soothes blood vessels and muscles involved in obtaining an erection resulting in a better increase of blood flow to the penis. The PDE-5 inhibitor enhances normal sexual stimulation and helps males obtain an erection that is firm enough to perform sex.

Serotonin is commonly referred to as a happy hormone, because it is increases when a person experiences an event that causes elation, for example, being attracted to someone. Therefore, the SSRI inhibits the activity of serotonin transporters to prevent reuptake and increase the hormones action in the postsynaptic cleft. When you buy Super Tadarise tadalafil you can be sure to experience an increase between erection and ejaculation (delaying ejaculation).


Super Tadarise pills are comprised of a 20 mg of tadalafil dosage as well as a dapoxetine dosage of 60 mg. Even though the active ingredients belong to different groups of medication (PDE-5 inhibitors and SSRI's), they work together effectively to help reduce sexual difficulties. The PDE-5 inhibitor dosage ranges from 2.5 mg to a maximum dose of 20 mg. Men are recommended to use the lower dose initially and increase the dose if effects are insufficient.

The SSRI dosage ranges from 30 mg to 160 mg; however, a 60 mg dose is considered an adequate amount when using the active ingredient with the PDE-5 inhibitor. The combined medication has proven to produce better results than when the ingredients are used independently. Individuals should not exceed 20 mg and 60 mg of the medication as there will be an increase of risk for adverse effects.


A single dose of the medication is to be used only once daily when necessary (i.e. before sex). Super Tadarise Tadalafil usually reaches maximum plasma concentration after 2 hours of administration. The onset of action can occur any time between 14 minutes to 2 hours and time will be different for everyone depending on individual factors. The ingredient has a slower onset of action with a longer efficiency rate.

Research shows that for elderly men, the ingredient has a half-life of about 21.6 hours while for healthy adult men 17.5 hours. The longer half-life gives the effects of the medication to last for about 36 hours for most men. The SSRI has a rapid onset of action and is also eliminated very quickly. Studies revealed that a single dose of this ingredient usually has a half-life of about 1.3 hours to 1.5 hours with a terminal half-life of about 15 to 19 hours.

The ingredient is usually eliminated within 24 hours; however, fatty food consumption and alcohol consumption may slow the rate of the onset of action but not interfere with its efficacy. Because the SSRI dosage is higher than the PDE-5 inhibitor, the pill will average on the onset of action and elimination from the body. It will take about 30 to 40 minutes for the medication to begin working and effects will last for a maximum of 36 hours.


The side effects of this medication are dependent on the combined tadalafil side effects and dapoxetine side effects. Men who have used the medication usually report headaches and nausea as the most frequent effects experienced after using the medication. Other side effects include flushes, insomnia, muscle and back pain and well as nasal congestion. Generally the effects are mild or moderate and can be handled effectively.

The discontinuation rate on studies that have been mentioned previously, were very low compared to the overall satisfaction of users. The data shows that men who experienced the side effects were able to manage them effectively. The side effects will only increase if one uses a higher Super Tadarise dosage than recommended or if they use the medication with other medication that are not suitable for interaction.

Strong medications that induce the effects of the pill should not be taken in conjunction with the pill. However, light pharmaceuticals such as mild analgesics can be used before or after the pill has been taken. Alcohol can increase the risk for adverse effects and therefore should not be used together with the pill, but can be used before or after a few hours of administration. Most of the common side effects go away after Super Tadarise tadalafil has been eliminated from the body.


The medication is only to be used by sexually active adult men who suffer from ED or PE. The medication is safe and effective while offering fast relief for symptoms. The pharmaceutical is not to be used by women because male and female genitalia are different and women cannot suffer from ED or PE. This medication is an on-demand pharmaceutical and must only be taken before sex.

Sometimes ED or PE may occur occasionally due to stressful events in life, it becomes a disorder or dysfunction when erectile dysfunction symptoms or premature ejaculation symptoms occur every time you want to engage in sexual intercourse. The medication can be used as a treatment for occasional or regular ED and PE patients. And research has shown that the medication and its active ingredients have been used in clinical trials and obtained a high safety and efficacy profile.


Super Tadarise tadalafil tablets have been effective in erectile dysfunction treatment and premature ejaculation treatment for many years. The benefits of the medication are higher than the side effects it may cause and this is the result of the fast onset of action as well as the elimination rate. Penile erection is the result of physical or mental stimulation that causes specific hormones to be released as well as the easy flow of blood. Ejaculation occurs after penetration and when sexual satisfaction has been reached.

The medication benefits the sexual factors mentioned above by enhancing sexual stimulation that will help adult males gain a steady erection and increase time before ejaculation. The medication benefits men and their partners as they will be able to enjoy the pleasures of sexual intercourse for a longer time. According to various studies, men have reported an increase in their confidence level as well as a decrease in negative impersonal feelings.

With the penis being a symbol of masculinity, men have now regained their sexual prowess and were able to resolve conflict in relations in a healthier manner. Super Tadarise tadalafil is one of the best choices of medication for treating ED and PE without causing a series of adverse effects that are life-threatening. Super Tadarise is easily available from online platforms and are beneficial for those who receiving their medications without leaving their homes.


When you are looking to buy Super Tadarise online, you will be able to read reviews from customers who have used the medication previously or are currently using the pill. This insightful information will help you gain more knowledge on the effects, safety and benefits of the medication. When reading reviews online, one must not be under the impression that they too will experience side effects as other users. The effects of the medication are influenced by individual factors and not everyone will experience the same side effects.

Super Tadarise reviews can be found on multiple blogs or online platforms. These online platforms are usually internet pharmacies that have the medication available for purchase. Men who have used the medication have commended the physical and psychological benefits they have gained. The pill was used once a day and most men found that erection was achieved after 30 minutes; however, some men gained an erection after 15 minutes.

The effects of the medication lasted for long hours for men and they were able to gain multiple erections after a single dose. Men have also reported headaches and nausea to be the most common side effects although they were able to get rid of the effects by using mild painkillers and nausea medication. For those who experienced the effects for a long time, were able to manage it by decreasing the dose the next time they used Super Tadarise pills.


Super Tadarise is licensed and available at affordable prices. There are experts and professional workers that are employed by the online pharmacies to help you receive the best treatment for your conditions.

If you are looking for erectile dysfunction tablets or premature ejaculation pills, you may want to buy Super Tadarise tadalafil. The medication contains the combined benefits of ED and PE and is a great alternative to original medication that is usually sold separate for the two conditions.

Super Tadarise is a generic form of other original brand names and is usually sold at 80% cheaper. The generics work and produce similar effects and you will not make a mistake choosing them instead. It will save you time and money and you do not have to visit a doctor. The online pharmacy retains your information and will be able to send you your next dosage after the first one has been completed.

Secure and safe online payments have been implemented to keep your private information discreet when you buy Super Tadarise online. Internet pharmacies are devoted to brining to fast delivery of medication as well as excellent service that will make your life easier.

You can simply place your order online here at our website and if you have any questions, there are professionals available 7 days a week to assist. It is less stressful buying medication online as you do not have to explain your symptoms face to face with a professional, which can sometimes be embarrassing. Delivery is also quick and discreet, to your door. Contac us today.

Content Review Date: July 2022
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Customer Reviews

Jim Loxly – Jan 27, 2022
I got ED around middle 2021, and it kind of killed my confidence, so I ended up with PE as well, which sucks. Did some research and found this. Treats both conditions and Im feeling pretty hot these days. 2022 is already starting off way better.
Johnny Craig – Apr 27, 2021
I have tried this product many times and it works very well, definitely my ED med of choice. The company is reliable and delivery is surprisingly speedy.
Andy Lim – Feb 21, 2021
superb and great product, excellent service also as had a slight problem due to some delivery issue but everything was resolved in a day or two and product was delivered in 3 days. kudos to the people who manage this company. all my thanks.

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