Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) refers to bodily or mental issues that interfere with being satisfied by sexual activity. A disruption in the psychological or physical factors of sexual function can result in various female sexual dysfunction symptoms.

The condition is a highly prevalent issue in about 38% to 63% of women. Based on a study done by the National Health and Social Life Survey, out of 1749 women, 43% of them reported having a sexual dysfunction. The prevalence of FSD increases with age, nevertheless, women of various ages suffer from the condition.

For a woman to have satisfying sexual intercourse, it is important to consider her body, mind, health, feelings towards their partners and beliefs. When the condition starts to become a problem, these women are urged to seek treatment.

Although this condition can be challenging for the affected, there are many types of female sexual dysfunction treatment available. The type of treatment varies from women to women as sexual dysfunction has many possible symptoms and causes.

One of the most integral parts of treatment options is communicating any concerns and understanding of the body and its normal sexual response. Women that have sexual concerns will benefit from a combined treatment approach. This will target medical and relationship/emotional issues.

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What are the Different Types of Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Although the issue is common, most women do not like talking about it. As a result, they are not aware that there are different types of female sexual dysfunction. Identifying the kind of sexual dysfunction is crucial in the treatment approach. Female sexual dysfunction is usually classified into four groups. Women may have one or more female sexual dysfunction symptoms, however, there is effective treatment available to address them all.

The table below displays the four types, alongside their symptoms:

Type of sexual dysfunction Definition Symptoms
Desire disorders Lack of sexual desire for an extended amount of time. This includes an absence of sexual thoughts or fantasies and reduced pleasure during sex. Reduced or no interest in sexual activity.
Reduced or no initiation of sexual activity.
Reduced genital sensations during sex.
Arousal disorders This is a lack of response to sexual stimulation. Decreased sexual desire.
Fewer thoughts about sex.
Decreased sexual excitement during sex.
Orgasm disorders When women find it difficult to reach an orgasm, it occurs even when they are sexually aroused. Unsatisfying orgasms
Longer times to achieve orgasms
Pain disorders This involves pain during sexual intercourse. This can be caused by vaginal dryness or vaginismus. Pain only at penetration
Intense pain during thrusting
Burning or aching pain
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Female Sexual Dysfunction Causes

There are several causes behind female sexual dysfunction. They are grouped into physical and psychological categories. In certain instances, some medications and the use of excessive drugs and alcohol can be female sexual dysfunction causes.

Causes of female sexual dysfunction are as follows:

Physical Causes Psychological Causes
Urological infections or cancer Sexual performance anxiety
Diabetes Feelings of guilt about sexual activity and desire
High blood pressure Relationship problems
High cholesterol Stress and anxiety
Hormonal imbalances, such as menopause Depression
Nerve damage Past sexual trauma, such as rape or molestation
Bladder issues Self-esteem or body issues
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Different Types of Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

There are two treatment approaches for the condition: non-medical and medical approaches. These treatments can be used on their own or together for an elevated approach to the condition. This choice will also depend on the severity and type of female sexual dysfunction.

Non-medical approaches include:

  • Practise and adopt healthy lifestyle habits - Things such as limiting alcohol, incorporating physical exercise, and other aspects can help increase sexual desire. Reducing stress is also essential, as it will allow individuals to focus and enjoy sexual experiences.
  • Open communication - This allows both the affected women and their partner to communicate their likes or dislikes in a non-threatening manner. Doing this will make a positive difference in sexual satisfaction and opens the way for greater intimacy.
  • Making use of a lubricant - A vaginal lubricant can be a great aid during sexual intercourse if the individual suffers from vaginal dryness or pain during sex.
  • Sexual devices - A women's arousal may be enhanced with the stimulation of the clitoris. This can help with sexual dysfunction.

Medical approaches include:

  • Oestrogen therapy - This therapy is available as a vaginal tablet, ring and cream. It benefits sexual function by enhancing vaginal elasticity and tone. This therapy also increases vaginal blood flow, which boosts lubrication.
  • Flibanserin (Addyi) - This was initially used as an antidepressant, however, it can boost sexual desires in premenopausal women. The treatment also has FDA approval.
  • Bremelanotide (Vyleesi) - Another treatment for low sexual drive in premenopausal women. This is usually taken intravenously just under the skin. It is taken before sexual activity.
  • PDE5 inhibitors - Studies showed that the famous blue pill, Viagra, is also effective in improving sexual desire. It also enhances overall sexual satisfaction.

In some instances, female sexual dysfunction treatment will first have to address hormonal changes or an underlying medical condition.

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Sexual desire decreases with age, but it still causes distressing symptoms for the women affected. This is a challenging condition, with not many women being open about it. However, there are many medical treatments available, which are designed to combat the condition head-on.

Three years ago, the Food and Drug Administration approved a medication called flibanserin (Addyi 100 mg), which is commonly called the 'female Viagra'. The medication is intended to heighten a women's libido and to treat female sexual dysfunction successfully. Another popular medication for FSD is Lovegra 100 mg tablets.

Viagra for women with FSD is fast-becoming a standard treatment that is widely preferred by women worldwide. Now, this treatment is available online, making it available to all women with sexual dysfunction.

Women can buy Addyi with no dent in their pockets, as these medications are usually cheaper when bought online. When the medication is ordered, it is processed instantly. It is wrapped in neutral packaging, which protects a women's privacy. The fear behind getting proper sexual dysfunction treatment can thus be dispersed when buying online.

When purchasing medication online, women can also benefit from discounts, bulk-buying and various delivery options. This would include standard, next-day or express delivery, allowing women to start their treatment almost instantly.

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Author: John Sanderson

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