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  • Posted On: Nov 29, 2019
  • Posted By: Julia Sang

ED, as well as PE, affects up to 1 third of men at least once before they reach the age of 30 and is more common in men above this age. Unfortunately, treatment from a regular pharmacy can be quite expensive.

Thankfully you can purchase Super Kamagra online to treat both ED and PE much more affordably than any regular pharmacy. Not only is this medication much more affordable online but it is much easier to obtain without having to endure the unnecessary and time-consuming steps which regular pharmacies force you to have to go through.

How Do Super Kamagra Tablets Work?

This amazing medication was specially formulated to treat both ED and PE by combining the active ingredients contained in the medications that treat ED and PE individually. By getting these active ingredients to work side by side you can expect effective treatment for both of these conditions without worrying about your erection or ejaculation failing you.

The key ingredient in Super these PDE-5 enzymes to delay the effect of the PDE-5 which allows the production of cGMP within the penis. This happens because the PDE-5 enzymes within the penis work to decline the levels of cGMP in the penis when aroused. Kamagra which treats ED is known as sildenafil citrate which works as a selective PDE-5 inhibitor. Sildenafil citrate inhibits

The cGMP helps to smoothen and dilate the blood vessels within the penis to allow the flow of blood to the penis which then enables a firm erection.

When treating PE, Super Kamagra Tablets use dapoxetine which works by inhibiting the serotonin transporters. This increases the action of serotonin within the postsynaptic cleft which in turn helps to treat premature ejaculation.

Buy Super Kamagra Tablets Online

When you purchase ED and PE treatment online you gain access to prices that are far lower than any regular pharmacy would ever offer. Not only this but you can also purchase your Super Kamagra online completely prescription free to ensure that you never have to explain your personal condition to a doctor and experience that embarrassing process.

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