How Does Flibanserin Work?

How Does Flibanserin Work?

Flibanserin (brand name, Addyi) is a medication approved for the medical use of hypoactive sexual desire disorder, a condition for women that have not gone through menopause and are concerned about their low sex drives.

Researchers do not have a complete understanding of how this medication works or what it does to the brain, hence studies are ongoing. However, their safety and effectiveness has been recognised. As these tablets are nicknamed the 'Viagra for women', this medicine functions very differently from the popular erectile dysfunction pills - suitable for men.

Where the renowned erectile dysfunction tablets work to enhancement performance, flibanserin tablets for women function to balance chemicals in the brain, which relate to sexual desire.

Theoretically, the mechanism of action of this medicine improves sexual functioning by enhancing the downstream processing and release of the hormones, norepinephrine and dopamine. Norepinephrine is a hormone as well as a neurotransmitter, much like dopamine, which is released in the body when the brain perceives stress. Dopamine is responsible for the manner in which we experience pleasure. 

Whilst enhancing the release of the above mentioned hormones, these tablets also cause a reduction in the release of another hormone, serotonin, in the parts of the brain which mediate symptoms of reduced sexual desire and interest.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms

What is Flibanserin?

  • These tablets were originally created by the pharmacologist, Franco Borsini, at Boehringer Ingelheim. This pharmaceutical company did not follow through with the development of the medication, after being negatively reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The rights of the medicine were then transferred to the company, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, who were subsequently FDA approved in august 2015.
  • Flibanserin is used by women who have symptoms of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) but this health disorder, after being recognised for 30 years, was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2013. It was replaced by a new diagnosis known as female sexual interest/ arousal disorder (FSIAD).
  • Originally created for the treatment of depression, these anti-depressant tablets were then repurposed for the management of HSDD symptoms after they did not fulfil their initial intention. When released on the pharmaceutical market, these libido pills were not received with great reception and only 277 prescriptions were filled out the first three weeks. This could be due to the requirements for use of the medication, which included a 10-minute online course that had to be completed for dispensing the tablets, the high cost as well as concerns about the efficacy and safety of the therapeutic.
  • These days, the dispensing and need for these female sexual dysfunction pills have grown and you can buy female Viagra through secure online pharmacies like ours.
Female Sexual Dysfunction Causes

Recommended Flibanserin Dosage

The advised flibanserin dosage of these sexual dysfunction tablets is 100 mg, once per day. This medication is only to be taken at bedtime as using the medicine during the day can cause:

  • Hypotension
  • Accidental injury
  • Sedation
  • Syncope (fainting or passing out)

The usual method of administering these pills is to take the medication with a glass of water, prior to retiring to bed. In the event that you forget to take the medicine, do not double your daily dosage but rather skip the missed or forgotten dose and resume your dosing schedule at bedtime, the following night.

This medication should not be used by women who are postmenopausal and is not indicated for the enhancement of sexual performance.

To avoid possible dangerous interactions with alcohol, those who are consuming more than three standard alcoholic drinks should skip their scheduled bedtime dosage. Those consuming less than three standard alcoholic drinks ought to wait two hours prior to taking the medicine.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Flibanserin Side Effects

Some of the common flibanserin side effects are:

  • Sleepiness: It is common to feel excessively sleepy when using this medication. A possible way to overcome this adverse event is to take the tablets at night, which is how they are intended to be used in any event. It is dangerous to administer this medication if you intend to complete a task which requires your complete mental attention.
  • Dry mouth: This condition is also known as xerostomia and is characterised by a feeling of dryness in the mouth. The effect is due to insufficient saliva being produced by the salivary glands. On its own, this adverse effect is not serious but it can be uncomfortable. There are mouthwashes available to help with the discomfort of dry mouth but it is important not to use any mouthwash with alcohol content as this can further dry out the mouth.
  • Nausea: This stomach discomfort occurs when you have the feeling of wanting to vomit. To get rid of the uneasy feeling in your stomach, you can apply a cool compress at the back of the neck. Your body temperature increases when you feel nauseous, by applying a cool compress it would reduce your body temperature. This can be both soothing as well as help with the nausea as the feeling of wanting to vomit can also be caused by high body temperatures.
Addyi in the UK

Can I Buy Flibanserin Online?

It is convenient as well as easy to buy medications online. For many people, this is the route to go as:

  • Its saves both time and energy. Traditional shopping can take hours of time and energy, which can be spent on other activities of your daily schedule. The time it takes to find parking, stand in a queue and find the item you are looking for in a pharmacy or store, all contribute to the time-consuming task of shopping the conventional way.
  • You can save money. Online pharmacies offer discounts and promotions, which you would not receive through traditional shopping. You also save the cost of travelling to a pharmacy or store.  
  • It is easy to find the item you are looking for. By using the search feature on the website, you can easily and quickly find the product you require.
  • You can have your products delivered to your doorstep. Efficient delivery services make receiving your items easy. Any questions regarding the delivery of your purchase, or any other enquiries, can be directed to the customer service team 24/7.

You can have these, and other, advantages when you buy Addyi 100 mg online using our secure platform. Visit to view our full product line up for treating FSD / FSIAD.

Author: John Sanderson

Author: John Sanderson

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Hello John, I used this medication for the first time, after reading your blog. I am a middle aged woman and only recently started to experience this problem. Thankfully the medication worked as you suggested. J Vickers

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