Flibanserin Side Effects

Flibanserin Side Effects

  • Data from one of the largest known clinical trials, presented to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), evaluated the flibanserin side effects on more than 11000 trial patients. The safety of this medication was analysed more stringently than many of the other therapeutics submitted for approval.
  • The flibanserin side effects that occurred with the most frequency were dizziness and sedation. This medication has been reported to have intense sedative effects, which was a great concern for the FDA when considering its approval. As a result, this effect was requested to be further studied so as to rule out any possible dangers associated with the adverse event.
  • Research found that those who used a flibanserin dosage were not impaired by the medication and still remained mentally aware and able to drive without inhibition.
  • Another effect of the medication was hypotension, which is a lowering of the blood pressure levels in those who were taking the tablets. Serious reductions in blood pressure occurred in patients who took the tablets in conjunction which other therapeutics, known to cause accumulation of the main ingredient in the blood, or concomitantly with alcohol. When the pills were taken without the aforementioned substances, the reports of hypotension were relatively mild.
  • The above challenges, relating to the lowering of blood pressure, prompted the manufacturer to list this effect as a black box warning'.
  • For warnings, side effects and other information pertaining to the therapeutic (e.g. information on what is flibanserin made of) can be found by accessing the manufacturer's website or consulting the medication guide included in the packaging of the tablets.
Female Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms

How Does Flibanserin Work and How Long Will It Take?

  • The exact mechanism of action of flibanserin is under ongoing study. It is known, however, that serotonin inhibits the sexual drive of an individual and so by directly decreasing the levels of this hormone, the libido of women can be enhanced. Moreover, flibanserin works by indirectly increasing the levels of the hormones responsible for increasing sexual desire.
  • This medication is not a hormonal therapeutic in that it does not contain testosterone or oestrogen, but rather functions by acting specifically on the serotonergic (pertaining to serotonin) neurons in the brain.
  • Improvements in the symptoms of HSDD are evident after four weeks of use of these sexual dysfunction pills but optimal results can take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks to be observed. According to the manufacturer, if there are no improvements after these specified periods, one should stop treatment.
  • The tablets are not effective for all women as approximately 50% of women experience an improvement in their symptoms of HSDD. If after twelve weeks you do not acquire any relief from your symptoms, you are probably not a responder to the medication.
Female Sexual Dysfunction Causes

How Long Do Flibanserin Side Effects Last?

  • The negative effects of this medication do not typically last long. They often disappear with continuous use of the therapeutic.
  • The duration of flibanserin side effects depends on the body chemistry of the patient. For example, in those with liver or kidney impairments, there may be enhanced side effects. It is for this reason that those with liver or kidney dysfunctions use a reduced dosage than that which is advised for those without any impairment to the aforementioned organs.
  • Furthermore, the elderly are also prone to enhanced side effects and this is a direct result of their age. Senior women using the medication ought to proceed with caution and use reduced dosages as well.
  • To avoid adverse events, it is recommended you use the therapeutic as prescribed, with regard to the treatment period as well as the dosing schedule.
Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Are Flibanserin Tablets for Women Safe?

These tablets are generally considered safe. Even as they were originally intended for use as an anti-depressant, but were later classed as a medication for low libido, you can still take these pills if you are experiencing symptoms of depression.

Depression is often experienced by those who have HSDD as this sexual disorder can have various negative implications on one's life. However, if you do feel depressed over the sexual dysfunction, you can still use this medication for the treatment thereof, which in turn can elevate your morale and mental state as well.

In some cases, depression and HSDD often influence each other. A woman who feels depressed may not have a particularly strong desire for intimacy, likewise one with HSDD may feel overly depressed as a result of the condition.

A regular lack of desire may feel as though it is normal, but the effects of diminished libido can have a host of other implications, according to a study of women with HSDD, such as:

  • The feeling of letting your partner down (as reported by 92% of women)
  • Feelings of shame (as reported by 57% of women)
  • Negative body image (as reported by 69% of women)
  • Reduced confidence (as reported by 51% of women)

Commonly referred to as Viagra for women, these tablets can help women restore balance to their sex lives. Sexual health is important and the benefits associated with it are extensive.

Addyi in the UK

Buy Flibanserin (Addyi) in the UK

While the prevalence rates of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) may vary around the world, The Society for Women's Health Research estimates that at least one in ten women experience symptoms of female sexual dysfunction.

For those in the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world, buying these tablets is easy through secure online pharmacies, like our platform. Once a woman meets the criteria to be diagnosed with HSDD, medication can be easily ordered and shipped in only a few days to your address.

It is not recommended that this medication be used for any purpose other than what it is medically approved for. It should be used by women who have very diminished sexual desire, not relating to any personal or interpersonal distresses.

You can buy Addyi 100 mg online, if you feel you are concerned about your libido and would like to effectively increase your sexual desire. Contact us to place an order, so you can start on a treatment plan using this approved medication as soon as possible.

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Author: John Sanderson

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