Female Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms

Female Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms

The 21st century has welcomed significant change in technology, science and education. Indeed, the way we live life today greatly differs from the days of horse-drawn carriages. In addition to these advancements, the world has also seen a drastic shift in gender-specific roles and behaviours.

Women now own and explore both the positives and negatives of life, including sexual issues commonly referred to as female sexual dysfunction (FSD). FSD is often considered an umbrella medical term used to describe several distressing symptoms linked to sexual dysfunction.

Female sexual dysfunction symptoms can include:

  • Defficient sexual arousal - This is when women can not achieve or maintain arousal even after adequate stimulation.
  • Deficient desire - This refers to the complete disconnection between the patient and the act of sex. This is deemed as sexual dysfunction when the person is never interested in any form of sexual activity (inclusive of masturbation), has little or zero sexual thoughts, fantasies or dreams and is subject to extreme stress over experiencing symptoms.
  • Sexual related pain - Patients feel pain when they get sexually aroused or engage in vaginal intercourse. This symptom can occur at every sexual encounter or surface at a specific time.
  • Difficulties with regard to orgasm - This is when patients are unable to reach any form of sexual satisfaction or climax.

These symptoms are directly linked to the different types of FSD. Patients who experience these symptoms are often urged to seek medical advice to discuss and confirm the appropriate way forward.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) Explained

Although sex has been extensively studied and treated by sexologists for decades, there are still debates brewing over how to define sexual dysfunction properly. The pharmaceutical industry's interest in developing effective medicine to treat sexual issues help women medicalise their difficulties rather than ignore them.

While some people believe that developing better definitions for women's sexual health problems will lead to better treatment, others believe that such classifications will not reflect the diversity of a women's sexual experience.

The debate has since been put to rest as The International Consensus Development Conference of FSD developed a classification system that divided the holistic term into several disorders that specifically defines the nature of the sexual issue a woman is experiencing.

Disorder Description
Hypoactive sexual desire A persistent, recurring lack of sexual thoughts, fantasies and receptivity to sexual interaction.
Sexual aversion Constant feelings of fear or aversion linked to sexual contact.
Sexual arousal The inability to become sexually aroused. This disorder is often characterised by insufficient vaginal lubrication for penetrative intercourse.
Orgasmic The inability to achieve an orgasm.
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Behind the Face of FSD

When it comes to any disease, disorder, ailment or dysfunction, patients are encouraged to expand their knowledge on long-and short-term goals. Psychologists involved in the FSD consensus conference did just that with the implementation of a determining guideline that can be used when describing women's sexual problems.

Additionally, experts have created an alternative classification system outlined in 'A New View of Women's Sexual Problems.' This system dictates that female sexual dysfunction causes are not attributed to medical conditions but rather political, economic and sociocultural factors. They also deduced that women who receive inadequate sex education are more susceptible to the condition.

Psychological influences, such as depression, past abuse, or an intense fear of pregnancy paired with partner and relationship issues that include discrepancies in desire for any form of sexual activity, also hold a higher rank in cause lists than medical problems.

Experts worry that the development of Viagra for women with FSD and the subsequent marketing around it will lead women into a false sense of security. It makes them believe that a pill or cream can completely fix sexual issues when in actuality, the problem is deeply rooted.

Thus combination treatment methods are most appropriate. Although several unregulated FSD supplements are on the market, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved this treatment option for FSD-namely Addyi (flibanserin).

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Non-Medical Treatment Options

Women are often described as multidimensional beings who experience higher levels of emotion due to their body's natural composition. The presence of menstrual cycles, hormonal fluctuations and more makes issues like FSD difficult to deal with; however, this does not mean the condition is incurable. Due to the complex nature of female genitalia, the ideal approach when treating FSD is medication options paired with non-medical therapies.

Common non-medical treatment strategies include:

This includes education about the human body, a detailed look at a women's anatomy, sexual capabilities and changes linked to ageing. Understanding typical sexual behaviour and responses may also help women overcome performance anxieties.

Distraction techniques
This involves erotic or non-erotic exercises or fantasies dealing with intercourse. Television, music or videos can also be used to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Enhancing stimulation
This strategy often involves erotic materials such as images, books or videos paired with masturbation and sexual routine changes.

Pain reduction
Women can reduce their pain during intercourse by experimenting with different sexual positions, which allow them to regulate the depth or extent of penetration. Vaginal lubricants can help lower the pain caused by friction, and sitz baths can promote calmness prior to intercourse.

Encouraging non-coital behaviours
Non-coital behaviours such as sensual massages can be used to increase communication between partners and promote comfort.

Although most types of FSD can be successfully corrected by treating the underlying physical or psychological issue behind it, alternative treatment strategies such as the ones mentioned above are also viable options as they produce excellent results with reduced risks.

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Nearly 1 in 3 women find themselves suffering from FSD, making it difficult for them to maintain different facets of life. Luckily, effective solutions are available, so patients do not have to battle this condition on their own.

Female sexual dysfunction treatment options range from mechanical devices like vibrators to more conservative choices like tablets. Most patients opt for the medication route as they can conveniently buy Addyi 100 mg, a popular FSD pill, from online pharmacies like ours. Online pharmacies are fully stocked virtual platforms that supply medication to patients at discount prices all year round. Another popular medication for FSD is Lovegra tablets.

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Author: John Sanderson

Author: John Sanderson

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